10 Tips to make your business a success on Social Media

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Small business and equally big businesses can reach an increased number of customers through social media. Social Media engagement can help boost your traffic, increase sales and improve customer retention. Merely posting on social is not enough. Social media demands a carefully planned strategy that is aligned with your company objectives and audience. Below are 20 tips we know will help you make your business a success on Social Media.

1. Plan Social Media ahead of time

Social Media should be prepared ahead of time. Determine what products and services you wish to focus on each month and integrate them with events happening in the local community and the world where relevant. This way you can plan for success on Social Media.

2. Share other people’s content and engage with them when appropriate

There may be many relevant bloggers or influential people. Liaise with them and create product/service collaborations where applicable. This is even more important if you are a lifestyle company.

3. Don’t hard sell

How many times have you purchased something because of a hard sell and how did you feel about this purchase? Most regret the purchase and have negative feelings about the company as a result.

4. Send messages when your audiences are online

There is no point in sending messages when no one is reading them. Many apps can help you determine best days/times to post to Social. It is worth viewing before posting messages.

5. Focus on high-quality content to share on Social rather than quantity

If you are bombarding your audience with several messages in a day, chances are they will get fed up. Try and post fewer times while focusing on high-quality, meaningful content that your audience enjoy.

6. Don’t continually post and annoy your users

This is particularly the case if you are a niche business. Post sparingly but ensure its interesting content to keep your audiences engaged.

7 Ask questions 

One way to get a crowd talking is to ask them questions. Ask what they think about your customer service or product features etc. Better still test their knowledge of the business-related area with a fun quiz.

8. Promote your content

Promote your content through paid ads, sharing with your audiences, using appropriate hashtags. One of the great benefits of Social media is the social graph. If you promote your content, your potential customers will be sure to discover and engage with your messages.

9. Measure and track how your posts are performing

Once you start posting, be sure to view and measure your analytics to determine what works best with your audience. Learn from your results and build on them to be even more successful.

10. Reward your followers

One great way to engage your community on social channels is by rewarding them. Offer discounts, free goodies when appropriate, but don’t overdo or you could devalue your offering.

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