Why Good People Say Nothing ~ Nimrita

“Often, Injustice Lies In What You Aren’t Doing, Not Only In What You Are Doing.” – Marcus Aurelius.

The past overflows with evidence that humanity is capable of doing evil, not only actively but passively. When we do nothing, say nothing, we might be passively fuelling evil. Even I too am guilty of it, sometimes—not doing anything.

2020 has been sadly filled with perfectly nice, capable people who have ended lives because they have struggled because of trolls or mental health reasons. Today, Sushant Singh Rajput, unfortunately, ended his life. Earlier this year Caroline Flack also ended her life. Then Irfan Khan passed away after a battle with illness.

What surprised me is the sheer number of people who wrote about how amazing they were when they passed away after suffering their internal battles. Why didn’t we choose to acknowledge how amazing they were when they were alive or call out the trolls.

Please call your friends, your parents, your siblings, your partner and let them know you care and how awesome they are. Tweet/Instagram your favourite celeb or leave a kind review of the performance of the Bollywood underdog.

This, by no means, is going to be a long article. But its time to stop this! Tell people they are fantastic, call out trolls, don’t let people spread fake news on Whatsapp and stop being a passive bystander.