4 Productivity Apps to Try this June

Productivity Apps

The amount of time our generation spends on digital screens is not surprising anymore. It has somehow become a part of our lifestyle now. But does it mean that you cannot always be productive on it? I don’t think so. Like social media and other entertainment applications, digital platforms now provide you with services that can increase your productivity.
Today, we will talk about 4 of them.


Todoist is a Android/IOS application that allows you to break down your daily list of work and tasks and keep the pressure off your shoulders and onto your phone.

We have talked much and much about the importance of these To-do lists in our lives and now you don’t even need a pen and a paper to make them. Does it get any easier than this?

Not only does Todoist allow you to keep track of your everyday schedule, it also allows you to take future appointments and tasks off your mind by putting them on to a list for the particular date in the future.

You can delegate specific tasks in specific shared projects to alert other people in the work group, as well as measure your daily progress. 

To make it even easier, you can sync and access your lists from different platforms like your cell phone, laptop, tabloid etc. Really. Does it GET any easier than this?


Is your phone gallery filled with pictures of notes, work documents and files? Do you need to go through hundreds of pictures to get to that one line that you need, screenshot it, type it down to share it? Behold the solution to all (okay not all but many) of your problems.

Camscanner allows you to take a picture of a live document (scan it), convert it into a PDF file, save it, edit it, highlight and comment on it, and share it. I know! Mind blown! Keep your gallery clean and note-less.

Otter voice notes:

It happens so often that an idea suddenly occurs to you or you realize you need to do something but you don’t have anything to write it on or you don’t have enough time to (or if you’re like me, you’re too lazy and about to doze off).

Otter voice notes allows you to SAY what you need to write. It converts your sound input into words and writes it down for you to refer to, edit or even share later, in real time, with full punctuation, ladies and gentlemen.
Once again, mind blown.

Rescue time:

We all spend loads of time on digital platforms and we even lose track of how much time we have spent on a particular one. Sometimes we even want to keep track and reduce this amount of time.

That is where Rescue time comes in. You can download this app to keep track of the total amount of time you spend on each application, website or platform and even reduce the time you spend on it.

The tracker not only records your time expenditure, it even alerts you when you spend way too much time on a certain platform and makes you go offline for a particular period of time when you don’t want any distractions.
Helpful, right?

See? Digital media is not ALL bad. It’s how you use it for better purposes. All of these applications are available for both Android and IOS and are free for their basic functions but you can always upgrade them with better subscriptions. Download these apps, tell us how they’ve made your life better and you can thank us later.