Life: Learn the rules from Nature ~ Himanshi

Yesterday, I was reading a book on ecology, basically population organization out of my personal interest. I read something about co-existence of many species in a habitat and their survival. Many of us are aware of prevailing cut throat competition in our daily life. Competition begins as soon as we are introduced into this life and continues till we take our last breath. From dusk to dawn we are running a race but leave this place with empty handed. The same competition in one way or other is ruining our happiness, joy and relations.

All these word started to revolve in my head as I read even nature elaborates that completion is the most negative element. Where predator and prey both gets devastated. First, predator eats prey and further, left with nothing to eat. Ultimately, predator also dies out of hunger. This is what we are doing today, with our relations. Even with our very own earth, and that day is not far when we are left with nothing but death.

The most positive element is mutualism, where both predator and prey help each other to survive. But this concept is beyond the intellect of humans of today’s world. Bees pollinate flowers and for this job flowers offer them nectar. Wasp pollinates figs and figs offer nutrition to the developing wasp larvae. This is the way, nature disseminates the joy of life and importance of co-existence. Can’t we help each other? Can’t we understand that every individual has their own purpose and we don’t need to compare our life with others? Can’t we understand that we just need to help each other in making their life a bit easier, if possible?

But, I think we, the humans are genius enough to overlook nature and are much more interested in running the blind race to nowhere.

We, still have much time. Do think about your purpose in life? Do think about self-realization? Do think about real happiness? Do think about mutualism?