8 Best Coffee Roasters in India ~ Manali Debroy

Brew up your day with happiness, love and coffee

Sunday morning bliss, the evening with a tangerine sunset, the cure for Saturday morning hangover, or Monday morning blues, coffee is the answer to everything. Life has never been more busy and occupied like it is now in the 21st century. But a cup of coffee always rejuvenates the soul and mind. In this article, I have put together a list of the best coffee roasters (brands) in India, that will make you fall in love with coffee all over again. Let’s dive into these coffee houses.

1. Third Wave Coffee Roaster

Third wave coffee roasters are one of the favourites, not just because of their lovely hospitality, but the blends that they serve, refreshes you. Their cafes fill you with a unique experience of the best coffee and comfy home-like feel. The staff are equally friendly and accommodating while selecting coffee blends for your home. My personal favourite is the Attikan estate coffee blend, which fills you with the aroma of fruits and almonds, pouring the sweetness of toffee in your soul from the aggregation of brown sugar, caramel and cola.

2. Sleepy Owl

Convenient. Fast. Easy to Brew.

Sleepy Owl is ‘The Coffee for hustlers.’ Coffee lovers like me cannot be content with any coffee that we get while travelling. The taste of the coffee ultimately decides the mood for the whole day, and for god sake, if you had the worst coffee, nothing can bring your body, mind and soul in one line if you do not find your coffee again. So, a happy day is not a myth, but its existence surely depends on the coffee you had. They serve both hot brew and cold brew blends. Original and Dark Roast flavours are available in both hot and cold brews, whereas Cinnamon flavour is being launched only in the cold brew. My personal favourite here is the cinnamon cold brew, as it has that beautiful aroma that, you sip and your day magically becomes okay.

3. Blue Tokai

Another roaster, excellent coffee and a wide range of coffee blends. Their consistency in coffee roasting and the staff knowledge on their blends has always been their strength when it comes to understanding customers and complying by their needs. My personal favourite is Kalledeverapura (Pulp sun-dried) that has the nutty flavour of roasted almonds with notes of chocolate that will surely take your taste buds for a coffee treat.

4. Starbucks

There’s no introduction needed to describe the passion and dedication towards coffee when it comes to Starbucks. It’s a renowned name which promises to give you the best coffee that will kick-start your day with desires and hopes to live another great day. They have blends ranging from medium to dark roasts all promising ta great coffee. I would recommend the Fair Trade Certified Italian Roast.

5. Flying Squirrel

They take great pride in describing their efforts in bringing out the best flavours of coffee. Sourced from Coorg, their coffee blends have a range of varieties, from being citrusy to vanilla or spicy, tangy flavours. You can find their coffee in many restaurants, especially if you go to Enerjuvate in Koramangala, Bengaluru. You can order their coffee blends online. My personal favourite is the cold brew blend with berry and chocolate notes that gives a velvety finish, and you feel the smoothness when you sip on the coffee. It’s refreshing and very unique in flavour.

6. The Coffee Co

Established in 2013 by Gerson Aranha, The Coffee Co. is a licensed brand of Nilgiri Foods and Beverages. Initially, it came up with two coffee blends and a clientele of 12, which has now grown to 500 select establishments, offering several exquisite blends. They also have into export of coffee beans across the world. Freshness, quality and consistency have always been their success pillars over the years. That’s a promise that they deliver with each cup of their coffee. My personal favourite is their Morning Dew range.

7. Seven Beans

Seven Beans is an Indian-Italian venture, with Indian coffee planters and roasters. My recommendation would be the Mishta, which is in medium roast and has a buttery caramel and white chocolate flavour, perfect for enjoying the Indian monsoons.

8. Kaffe Cerrado

They are based out of Delhi, and the chances are that you might not have heard much about them. But their hot and cold brews are equally good, and you will have a hard time deciding which one is better. They have their amazing and vast range of variety available to shop online. For lighter brews, I will recommend Columbia Supremo, whereas for stronger brews, Ethiopia Washed Sidamo would be worth trying.

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee, as they say, is no lie but only the scope of opportunities. Coffee always speaks a story – love, unforgettable, repentance, ambitious, dreamy and what not. From bean to cup, the roasters tell a different story and connect at an individual level with everyone. These coffee brands are worth trying, that will make you relive your moments and create new ones as well.