Face, Body, Mind, Lockdown ~Jyoti Kerkar

We are facing the unexpected in 2020, something which we never envisaged. But here we are facing it bravely, we need to turn a full circle to adjust, think and work in a way that benefits us. We need to take care of our Face, Body and Mind, here are few tips given to me by my grandmother, mothers, aunts and few experienced lovely people I have met in my life.


  • A clean happy face looks beautiful.
  • We need to begin eating healthy and in moderation, don’t squish anything that you need to eat unless you are restricted for health issue. But eat the same in moderation. The more you derive yourself the more haggard you will look, eat everything you like but like I said in moderation.
  • Now to keep your face skin healthy and glowing I have been using these mask for ages now at different stages of my life, use your discretion and allergy levels.
  • Honey and Lime is a cleanser and removes discoloration of the skin. Quantity one tsp honey and 4-5 drops of lime. Best for removing tan of the face, you need to apply for a longer time if the tan is very dark.
  • Coarse Rice grind crystals to remove the dirt of the pores, this is gentle and does not harm the skin like walnut scrub.
  • Curd half a tsp applied 10 minutes before your bath rejuvenates your skin.

These are some homemade mask or application which are proven to give results.

Care for your eyes, not using to much of eye makeup if you are not in front of the screen all the time, even of you are then keeping the eyes clean.

  • You need to massage them just before you go to sleep, with your little fingers, clock wise without pressure massage in circular motion.
  • Use Potato slices or the skin scrapes of the potato
  • Coriander seeds soaked for a few hour use the drained water to give a cooling effect to your tired yes.
  • If nothing then plain water, strips or cotton pads dipped.
  • Don’ts are, don’t swipe the sweat with a cloth, just dab.

For the complete face you get this expensive cooling mist. But you can make one at home, yes really, you buy a mist spray bottle. Use overnight kept water soaked with rose petals, jasmine, even camphor. Camphor has benefits like if you ue this in a spray you immediately will feel fresh. As it has high level of oxygen.


This lockdown has made us couch potato right we need movements. So?

 What do you do ?

  • If you in your area allowed to go down for a walk, then go equipped with your mask and keeping social distancing.
  • Or The alternative is to walk at home, specifically , like walk 20 steps backwards.
  • The complete family does their part of the work even though they are working from home. Adjust timings and do.
  • Look after your body, eat well, nourish your body, stopping consuming oily stuff will give you brittle bones at the end, stoping carbs will give you lethargy. Just a protein diet are for the body builders who do Kushti( a game like boxing but not just use of hands )
  • Dehydrate yourself consciously, drink lots of water that your body asks for, you can infuse your water to help cleansing and intoxicating.
  • Everyone I counsel I tell them do everything with clear mind and conscious, and in Moderation. Life is all about moderation and not depriving yourself.

Remember life is beautiful.


Your mental state is the most important part, as we have a taboos in our society across the globe. But it is not we have opened to a certain extent where we can approach. This stigma that Boys and Men cannot cry, why? Why should they be tough? Communication is the key to keeping yourself amongst everyone. Yes, someone you can relate with, stop living others life, you don’t know what they are going through. Cut down on expectations, check I have not said do not expect, you are not live if you do not expect right.? But like I said do not expect from someone who has never shown enough interest in you.

Decide to cut away people who pull you down, yes you cannot do that immediately gradually move away. Cherish all your dreams, attainable ones, create yourself, maybe a hobby might give you the much wanted peace and joy. Listen there is no one who can tell you how to lead your life unless you are a kid and a teenager, here to you need a guiding hand and not someone who makes you do something which you do not like. These are some of the ingredients that gives birth to a fresh and positive mind.

Meditation has its benefit, if you think you cannot concentrate, just light a lamp and stare into the flame for just five minutes every day. Sit in a place you are most comfortable and just be, Silent.

Life you get only once, nurture it and live it to the fullest with your choice of people, situation and environment. Learn to say a NO and a confident YES.

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