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The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the definition of an everyday lifestyle. A big change is happening as we are moving from offices/classrooms to work/study from home. These days, work from home and online classes are the new normal lifestyle. There is no denying that there is a disruption in our daily activities like commuting to workplace/school, going to the gym, socializing, etc brings us to the point where we not only lose track of time but also peace of mind.

We don’t know how many weeks longer this crisis will go. But, as it is said every cloud has a silver lining. A positive thing about being stuck at home is we can finally use some of our free time to do something for our personal development. Instead of scrolling Instagram or binge on Netflix using our time and energy on something creative and valuable.

Now, we are at home, and going to the gym seems like an unlikely option, then starting your fitness routine from the comfort of your home becomes a viable option. Choose any form of exercise like Yoga, Pranayam, or Zumba fitness whichever interests you. These exercises help to increase the immunity of your body and keeps your mental health in check.

These days, the popularity of yoga has become more than lifestyle choice. Every generation is keen to follow the trends of yoga to stay fit and healthy. In these times, physicians advise sufferers about the importance of doing yoga.

Yoga is an ancient form of fitness with roots in India that focuses on strength, flexibility, and a perfect balance between body and mind. Yoga makes you physically, mentally, and emotionally strong. It changes your outlook towards life. Not only, that yoga also helps to maintain an elusive work-life balance.

In everyday life, we have just so much going on that we almost forget what it is like to take a moment and refresh our mind, body, and soul. There is no surprise any physical activity helps to kickstart the body’s metabolism. And yoga is one of the best forms of exercise.

Yoga can be performed by any age group either in the morning or evening -although I would prefer exercising in the early morning sunshine with a fresh mind. Find a peaceful and unclutter place in your home. The yoga movements and poses require an outfit that can stretch and move freely with your body. Perform yoga on the yoga mat.

If you are a newbie in yoga, start with basic yoga for 20-30 mins. Start practicing at your own pace. Don’t be hard on yourself. Here, a idea is to get yourself accustomed to this form of exercise. After getting familiar, abide by doing yoga every day followed by meditation. Meditation takes you only 5 minutes tops. Doing yoga and meditation will restore a sense of calmness, positivity, and recharge you for the whole day.

Here, I want to add a simple tip before start practicing yoga, warm-up your body and get yourself in an exercise mood. Nowadays, many platforms offer online exercising options to get started.

There are endless benefits of yoga that are beneficial for your body and mind:

Yoga empowers you to make mindful choices towards healthy living and fulfilling life.Improve levels of strength, stamina, and flexibility.Improve and maintain muscle power and the health of joints.Keep your mind calm and focused.Reduce stress and promote relaxation.Boost your immune system.Get good night sleep and reduce anxiety, depressions.Help to heal common aches like back pain, headache. Body twist will help to detoxify and release tension.Improve mood and generate positive energy. Doing yoga definitely helps you to be a good physique.

During these unprecedented times, we should grab this opportunity to reassess our priorities and work on them. After all, we need to stay healthy and stay fit. Lastly, a simple mantra is a healthy mind and a healthy body are in its top form we can achieve many things in life.

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I am Software Engineer turned into a freelance content writer. My passion for healthy living, productivity, and self-growth led me to start my own blog. I aspire to give people insights about balancing work-life and derive a more purpose-driven lifestyle. Other than writing I love planning and organizing, photography, creating content, and exploring life hacks. With a zest of life, I believe in mornings that start with a cup of coffee that gives days full of energy and positivity.