Fizza’s Guide to Blushes

Possibly the favorite part of most people’s makeup routines. Blush brings back the color to your cheeks and your skin after you paint your face with one color of foundation. Blushes come in different formulas and textures. Let us talk about all of them.

Powder blush:

The good old classic powder blush is still the most used formula. They are natural looking, easy to blend, easy to carry and easy to use. They give a natural flush to your cheeks and they are very easy to use on the go. This formula is best for the oily skin peeps.

A little tip: always set your foundation with translucent powder before putting on powder blush.

Cream and liquid blush:

These are creamy and liquid formulas (duh!) , best for dry skin. They come in the form of creams, sticks, water-based tints and runny liquids. They are easy to blend and give a nice, natural, glow-y finish to your skin, and even though I have oily skin, these are my favorite to use for everyday wear. However, certain liquid and cream blushes can be a mess to carry and not very easy to use on the go. They are messy sometimes and product waste is also a concern with them.

Shimmer blush:

These have tiny shimmer or glitter particles in them. Although they seem tacky most of the time, the right ones give you a natural, healthy shine and glow when you apply them to the apples of your cheeks.

Matte blush:

These have a matte formula, obviously, the most basic type of blush and yet the favorite of most people. Matte blushes are versatile. You can use them as eye shadow, lipstick and mix colors together to create your own new shade.   

Now that you know the types of blush, it all comes down to what color you want to wear, or what colors will suit your complexion. This, you can decide, based on two things:

  • your undertone
  • your skin tone

The basic rule being:

If you have a cool/pink undertone, go for cooler colors that have a blue or pink undertone to them like fuchsia, pink, raisin and berry.

If you have a warm/yellow undertone, go for warmer colors that have an orange or peachy tint to them like coral, peach, tangerine and brown.

If you have a neutral undertone, any color will work for you.

When it comes to individual skin tones, refer to the mini guide ahead as a reference the next time you want to pick a color according to your skin color.

  • Fair skin tones: soft pink, light coral, peach
  • Medium skin tones: rick pink, mauve, deep peach
  • Dark skin tones: fuchsia, berry, warm brown, raisin, tangerine.

Lastly, remember, blush is the fun part of your makeup. Experiment and have fun with it. A pop of color never hurt anyone, right?