Getting your home festive ready with Rohini Rajagopalan, Founder of Organise with Ease

Change of season is one more opportunity to declutter and let go of things we don’t find purpose in our daily lives. With festive season around the corner, sprucing up our homes sometimes can seem exhausting. Diwali cleaning conventionally has had stress, long hours of labour associated with it.  Here are some simple tips to get your home ready for this festive season

  1. Linens for sure in most homes change with the season.  As you pack up the light summer sheets, covers or blankets it’s a great time to review the items before putting them away. Keep only those you see yourself enjoy using again next season. Linens for the current season can also be edited depending on your actual requirement at your home.  
  1. Furnishings like cushion covers and throws are also another area that would require a change. If you possess some pieces that you have not even used thru the season, it might make sense to really evaluate storing them.
  1. Food & pantry can also do with a relook on whats stocked up. Since food items come with limited shelf life, do take out all that you don’t see yourself using in the coming months. Stock up your home with snacks incase your would be entertaining this festive season. 
  1. Our personal care products, be it creams shampoos or perfumes, do get  swapped during the change of season. Before making the change, review the products you have kept but not used throughout the previous months. Also put out only products you love using and make your body feel great. 
  1. One last item that I change at home are the essential oils and candles. The smells I prefer to use are very different in the summer months. Throw away all the used candle remains or empty jars of essential oils and keep only the ones you see yourself reaching out to in the next few months.

Bring out your favourite décor pieces and glam up your home this festive season.

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