INATUR’s Workshop on How to Read Ingredients & DIY Ingredients

Winter is here which means our skin needs extra care & love this is why INATUR an organic skin & hair care brand conducted a workshop on “How to read ingredients & DIY Ingredients”. During the workshop Ms. Pooja Nagdev, Aromatherapist, Cosmetologist, Founder, INATUR shared her insights on what all we need to know about the product ingredients before we make a decision of buying them or how can we make our own face scrub, face mask, hair mask etc. at home which will help to keep our skin & hair hydrated & nourished.

Looking at the current pollution level, Ms. Pooja Nagdev also shared few tips on how one should protect their skin from being dull & damaged for which she suggested how Lavender Hydrosol Water proves to be the most vital product which is preservative free & helps to retain the freshness of our skin all day long.

Ms. Pooja Nagdev, Founder, INATUR also shared her expertise in few interesting questions asked by the attendees like Hydrosol Water v/s Toner, Benefits of Vetiver Water, Benefits of Essential Oil, Carrier Oils V/s Essential Oils, Ayurveda V/s Aromatherapy etc. During the workshop, participants also learnt to create simple natural products that will help them in keeping their skin & hair healthy & hydrated.

On concluding, Ms. Pooja Nagdev shared her journey on how she came up with an idea to start INATUR & the ups & downs she faced. She said, “INATUR holds a very wide and relevant meaning, it stands as an acronym for Innovations and India on one side and Nature on the other”. Adding to this she said, “Herbs & Ayurveda are a central part of our process and the colour green signifies our connection with nature’.