The bumpy roads for students ahead ~ Surbhi Dwivedi 

The student Question

The world is trying to get back to normal and things are looking better but are things equally good for Indian students and the answer is no.

The students enrolled in China are still waiting from China to allow them to come again, the students from Ukraine after the war are still facing the issue of their accommodation in Indian universities , the students who completed their degrees from Pakistan are not eligible to get the jobs in India as their degree is invalid. Now among all these issues the students are suffering.

Because of Covid education institutions and schools are affected severely and students suffered the most, mentally, socially and intellectually. However even with covid norms being eased up , the students are still facing issue, they are still worried about their future and just because of Covid also because of the throat cutting competition lying ahead. However there are still a faction who argues that competition is good, but is this competition healthy and again the answer is no, how a competition can be healthy if the seats are in hundreds and competition is between lakhs and thousands. For 2021 civil services exam, 10 lakhs aspirants appeared and out of them 685 candidates were able to join the services. There are still many vacancies that left and the question is why ?Its not the field of civil services , this kind of massive competition can be found in other fields also like for NET exam ( National eligibility test) number of applicants in 12 lakhs 67 thousands, of which 6,71,288 appeared and only 52,857 were qualified. And same goes for the NEET and JEE ,in JEE 1,41,699 candidates appeared and 41,862 were qualified (2021).

India has the largest youth population in the world and nearly 40% of the country’s population is of young people and many of them want to get into higher jobs, have a good career. However this difference between seats and cut off and availability of jobs and number of students is really a major issue that India needs to tackle. The huge population of India should be used as boon rather as bane. The huge population means more bureaucrats, more doctors, more engineers and more teachers and not just more competition. The competition and limitations of posts have forced many students to apply to foreign countries, where they feel that they have better opportunities and a better career. And according to times of India newspaper the applications of Indian students in USA doubled in 2022. I

The growing competition within India in every field whether civil services , teaching, medical , engineering and defence and professional and non professional jobs is another huge hurdle of students. The huge population of India and huge population of youth needs more than just empty promises and bleak future prospects. India is still the second largest populated country in the world and it needs a strong institution to manage itself , which means more doctors, more teachers ,more engineers , more advocates .

In India for every degree one has to compete with lakhs and lakhs of people, which doesn’t make sense , in Indian constitution education is the basic right of human being , then why the curtailment of posts and seats and attacking the Indian students is not considered as violation of fundamental right, why the governments are not doing anything for the students who are unable to get into universities and colleges because of competition.

People still argue that you need talent to get employed but one needs vacancy and seats to make himself and herself able to get that job, it isn’t about the survival of the fittest because education is not a luxury it is a need and the limitation of jobs and seats at school and universities are stopping us

from achieving an important goal. We should be known in the world not just for Bollywood and huge population but also for our capable and qualified youth and as hub of education.

Written by – Surbhi Dwivedi
Currently pursuing Master’s from Janaki Devi Memorial college ( Delhi University)

I like reading and writing and also drawing , I m also interested in day to day social and political changes that are taking place in and outside of our country