The Myopic Life by Ravneet Sangha

People talk about problems, but the struggle according to me ( a middle aged mommy fighting a lot of extra curves and flab and an unruly grey mane ) is when your lenses come out of the glasses or you can’t find your glasses when you’ve taken out your contact lenses. I am blind , there is no polite way of saying it ! Since my school days when we had pictures taken in black and white to the college days when we graduated to Eastman color I have been struggling with my eyesight and its increasing value thanks to genetics or just that I read too much .

I don’t know who made this myth up but that’s what I get blamed for . I read too much ,there isn’t proper light or my posture was wrong or I read under covers or in the moving bus hence the fat fat lenses !

It’s just contributed me to having thick lenses and thank god for contacts . I mastered the art and voila I could be fashionable and not the ainak wali ladki! Trust me school is nasty and the pressures are immense. Of course , those times were kind and not like the myopic times of today . The best I have ever heard is when a cousin of mine used purple eyeliner thinking that she had darkened her sparse eyebrows and was being trendy by stenciling . Imagine meeting guests and they also being polite in not pointing her very Goth eyes !

We have a lot of problems ,to darken eyebrows, contour cheeks and paint lips, do our eyes and have the right base and foundation with complete coverage and the right summer look.

And , here all one wants to concentrate on the biggest democratic drama of all times . It’s as if us where it doesn’t matter what you do or did , it all matters how much name calling, mud slinging , chest beating one can do and to coin the slickest sharpest names and to be seen . It’s like being papped by the paparazzi all the time and to be in the limelight.For now it doesn’t matter if you can see or not see what remains to be seen is how well you can dupe the gullible voter by selling him utopian dreams . We want jobs, a better lifestyle ,roads, stability and an environment where we can deal with the vagaries of nature but no one wants to take the first step to better the climate. It’s as if we are waiting for the neighbours to take the first step where as the neighbours are in constant war with us anyway!

I wish like my favourite book , we could all find magical solutions and with a wave of the wand, my glasses could be fixed and I could have small wipers to clean the lenses of the water and defogging solutions . Life , is infinitesimally easier with magic by my side but that is only in my imagination , in the meanwhile I try to make sense with dance of politics and the lens that has rolled under the bed and is missing.