The Reluctant Memsahib ~Ravneet Sangha {Part VII}

Walking in straight to meet them, she said Sat Sri Akal demurely and hello and looked straight to the prospective kakaji. Rahul stared at her and everything was just right according to him, and when she bent he saw that she wore the deathly hallow charm bracelet amongst all the bangles she wore. Must be a personal style. He was sold on the dog and she was a bonus in his eyes and the Harry Potter reference was just what he was looking for.

Simran looked at him, no music started playing, nor did she see any cherubs flying over his head. He appealed to her and now she wanted to talk to him and see whether he measured up! The Aunty’s were both super chic, she loved the suits and the subtle play of colours and the bags were en pointe’!It would be a treat to watch this play of power between the formidable dragons of the two families. One of them was assessing her and the other was talking to her mother, and they were making polite chit chat! The spread was scrumptious, it was such a delicate balance of Spode and silver with just the right touch of whimsy. She loved this, could she do an insta shot and do a story, #rishtachaispread.

Simran , wondered why punjabi parents thought that one should not talk to strangers but it is perfectly all right to marry them and well bed them. Rahul was eating his sandwich and talking to Dad and she could hear politics being discussed. She just hoped it would not be the divide between Congress and Akali.

Rahul tried to see her and was liking the ankles clad in the tight churidar, the Jutti was also perfect. Nothing seemed out of place and there wasn’t any confusion in her. He liked what he saw, didn’t see any activism that was synonymous with lawyers. The sandwich was just right and coffee smelt heavenly. However, he wanted to not discuss what was all wrong with Punjab but wanted to talk to this Harry Potter geek.

The typical chai and coffee and sandwich routine went on, and the tarts were being brought in and they had started to find common ground and as it is with Sikh families where they were all interlinked and interconnected four generations ago.

It was, what they were best at, making genealogy trees. Beta, why don’t you sit here and talk to Simran? We will just go outside into the other room, Uncle said.

This was as cliche’ as it could be. Typically Bollywood style, now they would slowly go into the other room. And he would be left alone in the room with her in uncomfortable silence. He did want to talk to her and see whether she was compatible. It was as important as if one was an android or an iPhone user.


Both of them said it at the same time and they burst out laughing. It was as cliched as it could get. What do you do? Which HP character is your favourite? Did you get your letter from Hogwarts?

Hermoine and it got delayed in the Indian Post and I’m a forensic lawyer and I do some pro bono work. She said it in one breath, a no-nonsense voice and she was boldly looking at him.

He suddenly felt like scratching his beard, this kind of frank appraisal hadn’t happened to him since college days. She was beautiful in old ways and he liked the upturned nose and her hair. The nose just called for being flicked and he was dying to do that.

Rahul, what do you do? Why did you agree to meet?

How do you even know we can have a life together?