Want Healthy, Hydrated Skin? Avoid These 10 Beauty Mistakes That Damage Your Skin Barrier

 Ms. Arthi Raguram, Founder, Deyga Organics

A healthy and beautiful skin enhances our beauty and builds self-confidence. But, exposure to dirt and pollution, unhealthy eating habits, stress, inadequate sleep, or hormonal imbalances can lead to any array of skincare problems like acne, pigmentation, dryness, etc. While you may be applying the premium skincare products to maintain a healthy and glowing skin, certain lifestyle mistakes can inadvertently harm your skin.

 Here are the top ten beauty mistakes that you must avoid for a clear and beautiful skin. 

  • Not washing face in the morning

While you sleep, your skin engages in repairing itself that leads to accumulation of dead skin cells and sebum on your face. Therefore, cleansing face after you wake up is important to get rid of impurities and ensure your skin remains clean before you apply makeup. 

  • Avoiding sunscreen

The harmful UV rays of the sun stimulates melanin production in the skin cells, which leads to problems like tanning, sun spots, dullness, blemishes, etc. Besides, not wearing adequate sun protection can also aggravate existing skin problems like acne, scarring, etc. Therefore, whether you are inside or outdoors, make sure to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen with adequate SPF. 

  • Excessive exfoliation

While exfoliating skin twice a week with a gentle scrub is essential to remove impurities, regular exfoliation can with harsh scrubs can make your skin more sensitive. Over exfoliation can wipe away natural oils from the skin and allow premature exposure of underlying skin, which can leave your skin bruised, red, and irritated. 

  • Using wrong skincare products

Everyone has different skin type, texture, and complexion. So, using the products that are not well-suited for your skin can cause skin issues to intensify. For instance, using an oil-based cream over your oily skin can create a waxy appearance and result in clogged pores and acne.

  • Not removing makeup properly

If you wear heavy makeup, then cleansing your face once is not enough. Not washing the face properly will allow your skin to absorb makeup throughout the night, which can cause irritation, pimples, and dryness. Therefore, make sure to double cleanse to remove makeup and clean impurities.

  • Lack of hydration

Just like every other organ, skin requires adequate hydration to look and feel good. Not drinking enough water can slow the skin rejuvenation process and make your skin appear dull and tired all the time. 

  • Ignoring skin problems

Sometimes leaving the skin to heal on its own works better than using multiple skincare products or picking up pimples. But, if the skin problems occur frequently and persists for more than 2-3 weeks, then consulting a dermatologist is the best option. 

  • Improper diet

Your skin requires essential nutrition to stay healthy and glowing. Lack of nutrients in diet and eating too much fried foods and sugary items tend to stimulate oil production and lead to acne, pigmentation, and other issues. 

  • Skipping moisturizer

Moisturising the face right after cleansing is an essential step of skincare routine. No matter what your skin type is, make sure to apply moisturizer for maintaining adequate hydration throughout the day. 

  • Popping pimples

Touching your pimple with dirty hands or squeezing them can cause scarring and blemishes. Popping pimples spread bacteria to surrounding areas and lead to more inflammation.