We tried SkillShare (so, you don’t have to)

SkillShare is a peer to peer learning network. If you watch YouTube videos, there is a whole host of videos that start with: “This video is sponsored by SkillShare, to get three months free… blah blah.” I finally gave in and decided to give in and try SkillShare. I downloaded the app and tried it. Here is how my experience went:

I tried three different courses, the quality of trainers was appalling and I found that they had no klout whatsoever to be giving this advice. A lot of videos seemed to be off poor quality and it appeared one could teach without proper experience for it. There is no real criterion that is applicable for one to start teaching on SkillShare.

As a paid app, the quality of audio and video was also really bad. You might be better off sticking to Youtube to actually gain tangible advice. I tried Social Media Strategy, a Course on Freelancing and a Strategy Course. The content was absolutely terrible. I think I would find better advice on all three topics by simply carry out a search via my good friend google.

The videos are simply people talking on Camera. That is hardly the basis for a good course. It is so bad; I genuinely cannot believe people would pay for SkillShare. I also find that some of the Youtubers who have so firmly been pushing SkillShare have lost all credibility in my eyes.

Moreover, it is appalling that that one would be paying for such mediocre knowledge. If you wish to invest your time and money into learning; we suggest you try the following resources to upskill yourself.

P.S: some of these are free

Apple Podcasts
Khan Academy