When Life Disappoints You. By Amy Goldberg

When life gives you disappointments, it can turn your world upside down.

I don’t think we’re actually equipped to handle setbacks and disappointments. If we were, then I think we would handle it better and/or differently.

Why is it that every time we’re disappointed, it seems as if it’s happening to us for the first time? We seem to have the same disbelieving reaction to it.

Sure, if we never experienced disappointment then we wouldn’t know what the ‘highs’ in our life would feel like. I don’t know about you, but I’d be just fine without ever having to be disappointed ever again. Or at the very least ‘feel’ the disappointment. I think it’s time to take a different approach. Or, at least I need to.

What if we didn’t ‘feel’ the disappointment. What if when we were faced with an answer or a circumstance that we weren’t all that crazy about, we ‘smiled’ – actually and physically smiled.

What would that ‘feel’ like? Your brain would now interpret that smile as; “Hey, this is exciting!!! Obviously, I’m not on the right path, or I need to change up my approach the next time. This is a GREAT learning. Bring it on baby. It’s ALL good.”

Could you do that? Would you be able to do that? Of course, you could and would if you knew it would prove more healthful to you. Or would you?

Why is it that we’d rather take the impulsive approach? We do it every time we react to something. For example; We eat something knowing that it isn’t good for us. We want to move on from something, and yet stay stuck, unhappy, and uninspired. Why? Because it seems a lot easier.

It’s the same thing as living your life on auto-pilot. What’s the difference?

The difference is ….

Your life would be a lot better. A lot happier. A lot healthier, if you took a different approach.

When we adopt a shift in our mindset where we’ve planned out, or already know how we’re going to handle disappointment, then it makes for a much better outcome.

It’s the same thing as if you were sick with the flu. You’re not yourself. You’re lethargic. No energy. You’re dragging yourself around, if you can get yourself out of bed. Same thing. When you’ve shifted your mindset, it’s as if you’re ‘well’ again.

You’re not dragging your doubting limiting beliefs and anticipatory feeling of being disappointed around with you.

If, every time you shifted any kind of disappointment into a positive, a learning, an experience that would otherwise not have happened, you will, over time build resiliency, gain strength, not fear failure, make better decisions, take further action, fight your fears, try more things, and experience a lot more in your life. That’s a lot of great outcomes!

I’m suggesting that if and when you’re faced with your next disappointment …. Try smiling. Really smile. Then, feel what happens. Don’t react. Sit with the feeling as you’re still smiling.

I’m not suggesting that you mask the lousy feeling of disappointment – go ahead and acknowledge it, but only AFTER you smile first.

The first time you try this … you may be smiling a lot longer than you expect to ‘feel’ the positive vibe. That’s expected. After a while disappointment will get less and less because you’re reacting to it differently.

Bring life on. We’ll be smiling.