Why I want to be Grinch ~ Ravneet Sangha

Some days, some days the words fall short, some days the words don’t add up, some days they get stuck in your throat, and they just don’t form. All our lives we keep on looking for love, and we search vainly. Be it from friends, lover, husband, children. Every day we think of it, searching in little corners, snippets of conversation, seeking kindness but t doesn’t come to us. You think it’s just behind this door and just around the corner, just one more day, the next day it’s going to be yours. As humans, we do this because we constantly search for love, having hope, and that keeps us alive. In fact, that is the only reason we live and wake up the next morning so that we may see the sunrise, let the birds chirp, and one may see the stars during the day!

You know what’s to be blamed, it’s the mental conditioning one has as one is growing up.

The soppy love storybooks that she reads when she is growing up, the movies the advertisements, everything speaks of this perfect love. There is nothing like perfection or love. It’s just an overused emotion that is used to sell products! Buy this, you will look pretty, he will fall in love with you, wear this outfit, you will look more attractive, and he will fall in love, use this fragrance it will entice him, use this cream, it will make you glow to attract him!

Everything on this planet is for the sole aim for being in love, and being in the state! Is there anything like that? No.

It’s just a lie that is used to make us live another day.

It’s Christmas, and the jolly season is upon us, and all I want to be is Grinch. We go through our lives thinking that love is what will deliver us, it does. It manipulates and deceives us into living our lives.

I know I sound Uber depressing, it’s not that. It’s just when reality hits us with a sledgehammer, all the artifice, the materialism that goes around us is driven by this emotion and to make us live a life that is dictated by some clever copywriter!

The only way forward is, by being quiet, to learn to and to be in the zen state where one doesn’t react . It is a journey that is a flight with sadness, pain and a lot of heartache. But one starts. The journey starts when they ask you to be honest, and when you’re honest, they wish you’d lied.