Wishy Washy By Amy Goldberg

Wishy Washy:

When you’re unclear as to what excites you in your life or in business, and you have a difficult time committing to something or someone; hence the need to be accountable.

Have you ever found yourself not taking decisive action in your life, where, and you’re probably not even aware of this, you leave people or things hanging?

For example: You’ve connected with someone about work, and you both seem enthusiastic about making something happen. To the point where you’re close to signing a contract. There’s been some kind of pause, so you decide to get back to the person to see what’s up. The person continues to leave you hanging through silence and puts you off. You’re baffled as you were sure that the desire to work together was mutual. And it probably was – kinda sorta,

This is being wishy washy.

It’s when the person who is silent is either not ready or stalling without communicating that to another. You then start to scratch your head wondering why the person is not getting back with a response?! Any response; the truth, as a matter of fact.

Rather, one would prefer to keep you hanging then to commit to something. Once one commits to something, they now are accountable for their actions. This does NOT sit well with a lot of people. So, we do a dance. A long, drawn out, painful, and unnecessary dance.

What people don’t realize is this is a ridiculous (and disrespectful) way to conduct oneself. One is not only not speaking one’s truth; one is diminishing the relationship that one’s created and/or developed with another human being. That person will no longer believe what one is saying because one’s words no longer translate into action. Does this make any sense to you? Of course, it doesn’t, and yet we do this all the time. We’re almost accepting of it. Huh?! Ah, ya.

We’re accepting of it because, in most cases we want something from someone. If we didn’t, we’d walk away. We want something to occur. When it doesn’t, we are willing to bow down and lean into another’s indecisiveness. It almost feels like gaslighting. You truly do feel as if you’re going mad.

The irony of this is that this could all be diverted if we had real conversations with one another, where we’re ok with having the tough conversations. It actually makes us better human beings; stronger, more decisive, and clearer in what we want in our lives, and the direction we want to go in.

Boundaries are part of this process. Boundaries help us to articulate what we’re willing and not willing to do. People find it difficult to set boundaries as it takes those tough conversations to get to a better place. A stronger place. And yet, it’s worth it. It’s worth it to all those involved. Why? Because you’re speaking your truth. You’re being your truth. With your truth, it offers you freedom from burden. It’s peace of mind.

Look no one wants to hear “no” when they’re asking you for something, and yet getting to “no” faster when you know it’s “no” is the kind thing to do. You’ll feel better. You’ll waste less time. You’ll move on, and I know the receiver of that “no” will, eventually be appreciative that you didn’t string them along.

Decide not to be wishy washy. It’ll look good on you.