10 Reasons to Opt For Audio Books Now

By Esha Pandit

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

Being an avid reader since the age of three, this is something I have always believed in. Books have always been my best friends, favorite teachers and therapists. But I was always the old school reader who needed physical books. Without the touch and smell, the reading process seemed to be mundane and incomplete. I could never imagine another way and never thought of trying audio books. But lives changed with the pandemic. And when the whole world went crazy over dalgona coffee, I decided to choose audio-books to accompany the coffee as getting new books delivered was an impossible task.

Six months down the line, audio book apps are the mostly used apps in my phone. It has become my workout partner, my lullaby at night and chatty friend in kitchen. I have decided to pen down this post just to let the world know why and how amazing audio books are. If you have not joined the audio book team yet, it is high time to do that.

Lesser Deforestation- There is enough deforestation going on across the world and we just do not need one more reason to add on. In some cases it is unavoidable and in a lot more it is not something we can control. But we can always do our bit and one of the ways is reducing paper usage. Audio books allow you to develop an amazing habit in a sustainable way. How cool is that?

Reduced Clutter- Not having enough space to organize the books is a bookworm’s worst nightmare. You will mostly see books scattered everywhere, on the bed, below the couch, over the bookshelves and on kitchen counter. If you are a believer of minimalism and want to reduce clutter in your home, books can be one big section to deal with. You will always have fond memories attached to the book and with so many in your home; it is bound to become a mess. Try filling in your digital library instead. With lesser clutter to deal with, you will have clearer mind to listen to the amazing audio books you downloaded.

Accelerated Learning- Audio books allow you to browse through a huge collection of books across various genres. You explore more, try more and end up gaining more than usual. This accelerates your learning pace a lot. Also listening to audio books just like listening to soulful music and motivational speech, can transform your mind and pump you up with positive energy. So, the good teachings can help you to take better decisions, both in your career and also in your personal life.

Improved Pronunciation– Nothing beats an audio book, if you are trying to improve your language skills. Audio books do not only teach you new words and phrases but also helps you out with the pronunciation. You learn exactly how to say a word. Also, if you have any problem with spoken English, audio books can help you out. By following the conversations held between characters, you learn how to say things in a conversation. Voila, your problem is solved.

Allows Multitasking- Your house hold chores get less boring when you get hooked to audio books. Listen to the while folding your clothes or dusting your room. The tedious tasks don’t bore you anymore when you have a thrilling book to listen to. Also, you do not have t designate a separate time to read the books which also helps to save some time.

Lesser Strain On Eyes– After a long tiring day, a lot of people do not have the energy to read simply because their eyes are giving up. After hours of working in front of a screen, the precious eyes definitely deserve some rest. Audio books allow you to indulge in some good books in an alternative way. I often love to listen to audio books before going to sleep. I do not have to keep the lights on or put on my reading glasses. It actually helps you to sleep better and for some people it is an amazing cure for insomnia.

A Great Group Activity- Gone are the times when people used to huddle up together in a winter night and their grandparents used to read out stories from a book. Well, audio books allow you to recreate those memories. It can be enjoyed with your favorite group of friends or with your partner. Listening to a book together is an amazing way of spending quality time together (given, you both enjoy the process). And if you have anything to discuss, just hit the pause button without interrupting and disturbing the reader.

No Boring Moments- Stuck in traffic? Or even worse, stuck in a family gathering you are not at all interested in? Well, an audio book can become your savior. You can literally carry it everywhere without making the bag heavy. Listen to it while car-pulling, jogging or sipping coffee in a boring party- life won’t be the same again.

Better Engagement- As we listen to audio books we get more emotionally engaged. Our brain creates better imagerie when we listen than when we read. This also helps us to remember things better and for longer. Also this have a better impact on us than just reading the book. As the narrator attaches certain emotions to the text that is being read, we are stimulated in the right way which in turn helps to create a better impact on us.

Great For Anyone With Learning Disability- A lot of children miss out on reading because of certain disabilities. Dyslexia, visual disabilities and similar problems can affect reading habits of younger people. Audio books help to bridge this gap and them to develop a habit of reading. This exposes them to a whole new world of knowledge which boosts their confidence too.

Still wondering why you should start your audio book journey? Well, start off. You will discover the magic yourself.