5 Delhi Getaways- Madhulina Sur

Hey there, as we all know that a weekend getaway is a necessity when we are working 9 to 5 every day. We all have the weekend blues! It is better to gather a few special places where you can chill in the weekends. And yes, Delhiites, there are few fave place where i would like you to visit. These places will want you to go back to nature in a small time, it also includes destinations that include majestic forts and also wildlife reserves. So what re you waiting for? Pack your bags and say hello to a whole new you!

Agra: 230 kms

Agra is famous for the Taj mahal and as you know it was built for his beloved queen after her death. Visit this place for the Agra petha sweet and also this huge monument which is the 7 th wonder of the world. And guys, visit Fatehpur sikhri too which is nearby.

Jaipur: 280 km

Of all the famous places, Jaipur stands for forts and palaces that we stand in awe of. The Amer fort is a Unesco world heritage site and is a great place to visit. Also see the Jal Mahal which are on the waters of the Mansarovar lake. It is a pleasant view to see!

Landsdowne: 270 km

In this quaint place it will be great if you visit the Darwansingh Regimental Museum for its collection of arms and photographs of the origin and achievements of the Garhwal rifles.It is a site to visit and renew life in you. Also make sure you bring back loads of happiness from this trip.

Nainital: 300 km away

Nainital situated in the Kumaon hills is a great place to stay! The view of the eye shaped Naini lake is a wish come true for many tourists. As Nainital is called the city of lakes, you will see many lakes around. There are a few hiking points or trekking points around the city. They are: Betalghat trek, Nainital- Kilbury trek, and Snow view trek.

Jim Corbett: 240 km away

This place is home to Jim Corbett national park where there are many tigers, elephants and other wild animals to see. You can also do the elephant safari which will be a totally different experience in the midst of the jungle.

So all you need is a happy ending every weekend for these majestic getaways where tranquility meets adventure. Follow your heart and bump into something new every weekend.

Happy reading!