Traditionally, people ask us to look at our body with admiration and respect…”Be happy the way you are” ..”you’re not ugly you are just fat” and many more dialogues we hear in our daily lives. But what are you supposed to do when the same person who imparts education and motivation, contaminate it with taunts, mockery and condenscension.

Words destroy and words heel even if we don’t realise it. Words can put someone to pause and induce unrealistic idea and perception about our physical self. We live in a society that write articles about women empowerment and curse them behind the curtains on certain appearances.

A society that is so obsessed with everything. A society that associate fat with bad … dark with ugly and skinny with sickness.
A society that convince teenagers that zero figure and presentable belly button is what the society demands.
Most of us are potential victims of body sha

ming. Do you remember how many times you have been taunt to mold yourself into “presentable self”?
Magazines constantly offering tips on how to loose weight in days  … “cousin’s wedding ?? No issues..try xyz tea and be photo ready in one week”“Stubborn belly fat ?? Try our belly shaping suit” and turn ur imperfections. These articles simply processes a never ending “wish i had” list in our mind.This culture of perfection we’are adhering to might slowly put us to deterioration.

This process of body shaming ( criticising yourself or others bcoz of some aspect of appearance) leads to vicious cycle of judgement and criticism.

Body-shaming manifests in many ways:
1) Criticizing your own appearance, through a judgment or comparison to another person. (i.e.: “I’m so ugly compared to her.” “Look at how broad my shoulders are.”)
2) Criticizing another’s appearance in front of them, (i.e.: “With those thighs, you’re never going to find a date.”)
3) Criticizing another’s appearance without their knowledge. (i.e.: “Did you see what she’s wearing today? Not flattering.” “At least you don’t look like her!”).

We need to teach young girls to love the way they are. Fat, Thin, Tall, Short does not matter as long as you are comfortable in your own skin. Body Hate isn’t about your body – it’s about the thoughts in your mind. We spend so much time criticizing ourselves with the thoughts like, i wish I was skinny, I am too skinny, I hate my big butt, I am too fat,  My chest is too big,  I am too short,  I hate my fat stomach, I am too flat chested,  I wish I looked like her, I hate my Body. Instead of All these bullshit thoughts why don’t we aprreciate ourselves with thoughts like I am brave, strong, funny, bold, or smart. Why don’t we try and move some of the focus away from the negative things and start celebrating our bodies the way it is. When we learn to focus on positive aspects of our body and ourselves, it will become much more easier to feel confident, outgoing and empowered. We are all unique, quite beautiful. So, Why are we having this shame for our own beautiful bodies ?

The most important thing in the world, I think, is to accept yourself and love yourself . Because if don’t, the notion of beauty will eventually fade away and you’ll be left in darkness until there’s a fire ignited inside of you which would keep you warm and whole. So, Let’s love our bodies despite it’s size. Let’s try and fall in love with ourselves. Because if we don’t, then who will ? 

I wish this helps people who have experienced or are experiencing the same . Ask for guidance.. talk to someone and in no way frame your self image on the basis of someone else’s idea of your growth and capabilities.