Rapid Fire with Siddhant Agrawal – Siddhant Agrawal Label

SIDDHANT AGRAWAL LABEL is a pret-couture designer label, established in 2019. The brand is a representation of an innovative approach to design modern day couture using innovative techniques. SAL couture paints the exemplary modern day woman in its silhouettes showcasing her liberated, young, fresh and bold. At SAL, Sustainability is at the core of its values. With their manufacturing and technique processes, the team aims towards ecological integrity and social justice. As a sustainable brand, the design team works towards reducing their waste and reusing it further. Siddhant Agrawal holds a diploma from the London College of Fashion and has schooled himself under the likes of Gaurav Gupta, Robert Wun, Roksanda, Mary Katrantzou to name a few.

What’s your favorite app?

Instagram and LinkedIn as it help’s me to connect with other individuals. It really motivates me in terms of my life ethics and a great source of inspiration.

The favorite fashion trend of all time?

Personally I would say high waist shorts, trousers or a bathing suit. Perfect high waited attire can make you look polished from work to leisurewear and also makes a person look taller. 

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

You should always wear what makes you feel yourself. Fashion is the best approach to showcase one’s self-expression. Something that I have always came across is to design clothes that speaks a story so that individuals can connect them to their personality rather than forcing to design something that is just a ‘Garment with no feelings behind it’.

Trend you would like to see disappear forever?

A low waist trouser. It is ok for a punk rock concert but not for any kind of formal occasions. 

It’s Your Best Friend’s Wedding, What Would You Be Wearing? 

There are a lot of options of how someone can dress for a wedding but hand down to smart fitted Suit with a print shirt and embroidered coat. 

A celebrity you’d love to dress?

American singer Solange and Indian actress Deepika Padukone. These two women have always been my top two women I would love to dress. Their personalities are strong, independent, powerful and have a very strong voice. 

A Piece Of Advice For Grooms

Seeing how the fashion industry is taking a shift to contemporary clothing, I would suggest grooms to be more experimental in what they choose than just following the typical queue of sherwani. 

What are the wrong trousers?

A trouser has to fit well, you should definitely consider going to a designer boutique if you are looking for a custom made perfect fitted trouser. If the length is wrong, there are way too many creases on your crotch or if it is too tight they are all wrong!! You can’t be taken seriously if you go to a meeting and your trousers are not well tailored.

Your favorite style icon of all time?

One and only Audrey Hepburn. 

If you could time warp yourself to any point in history when would it be, who would you hang out with?

Definitely 1920’s, It is one of my favorite fashion era’s. I would love to go back in time with my close bunch of friends and would love to through a Great Gatsby style party, I mean that will definitely be a dream come true…