All Lives Matter

T’s 2020, it’s as if Ramsay brothers crossed with Jumanji and we seem to be trying one level after another. The minute we pass one, the next level of unimaginable danger comes. All of us this year since the year been swept off our feet by COVID 19, a virus that has locked us down, we went from there to earthquakes, cyclone after cyclone, the largest migration of humans from one end of the country to the other just because insecurity reached to such a high that the call of the home was too strong.

It didn’t matter they had been living in other states for so long they just wished to reach their villages braving the weather, beating sun, with no food or water, just walking with their meagre possessions.

If this wasn’t enough, we started having border issues with a tiny Hindu kingdom whom we thought was our ally, Nepal. Suddenly it began invoking agreements that were just not there. We as Indians, have grown with a Bahadur bhaiya around us, they make the best watchmen, every Bollywood movie has one who would say Shaab, and the famous khukri, they are everywhere around us, and suddenly they wanted to claim land.

Then, we have Big Brother inching close and making claims on the famous lake of 3 idiots. Where does greed end?

It seems as if the apocalypse is near, and to make it even better, the Biblical plague is also visiting us. Locusts have ravaged millions of hectares and destroyed families in its wake. And if you thought this was the end, we had the worst racial violence in America. George Floyd was killed brutally, and the reasons boil down to him being black and the fact that he transpired fear. There has been a considerable protest everywhere to that extent that people have started looting, there is arson, the President went into the bunker and the lights of the strongest democracy went out.

What do we do? Why is there regression to such an extent that colour makes us scared? The movement is Black lives Matter, but I wish to say we are brown, and we don’t get to speak for black people. We have enough prejudices of our own. We prefer white skin over anything; the stigma of the wheat is colour is such that we would use lightening reams to be fair. Billions are spent to achieve this, be it Korean creams or rice water or just Fair and Lovely or an expensive visit to the dermatologist.

We need to be allies, and we need to stand with them and not take over the mic.

We need to learn from our Anti-blackness, our caste and class systems. We need to stand and readdress our thought process and teach our children and everyone around us that all lives matter, it’s not about the melanin content that sets us apart. When we bleed, we all bleed red. The fact that we enjoy, their music, cheer them on the playground but the inhuman, disgusting act of killing em, subjecting them to torture, and to single them out systematically is our downfall.

The crime is ours, they don’t need to educate us, its not their job. Use the internet. Read up; you’d be surprised your grey cells would increase…

Ravneet Sangha