Being a Woman ~ Ravneet Sangha

Last night, I had a bunch of half -assed hooligans sitting in front of me who had also come to watch the movie that has been trending the charts since it was released. Thappad is a movie that is a must watch for everyone, and it has stayed with since last night and will do for as long as I live. Woman’s Day is a day that was given to us to remember and resolve that how far we have come and how far we have to go. It is meant to celebrate the achievements and to recognise this power force in the paid economy, and more in the unpaid economy and the real Thanos. She is the glue that keeps and binds us all together.

Glance and see, she wakes up first and works as a silent well oiled machine that foresees everyone’s needs, desires, anticipates everyone’s wish before they even voice it. Does she get the respect, recognition she deserves or is she rough shod in every walk of her life, at the hands of the conditioning that is seeped so deep into our skewed society that she is ridiculed, hurt and beaten, abused, degraded, demeaned, disgraced and physically violated, abused by sex, and subdued.

We are battling the largest, scariest pandemic right now, but half the population is killed, abused and scarred jus because they can, and there is no remorse over i .

These young boys in front me, kept on giggling, checking the Instagram story and using their snapchat. It was a movie and why have the screen lights on or why continue with the messaging and impertinent behaviour with complete disregard for the brevity of the movie

I loved Taapsee for her powerful portrayal as a woman who is wronged and tried to tell that her soul was hurt and she didn’t have a problem with him but her self respect was injured and abused. Its a fight fro her self respect for one and all, as she had given up herself her entity her being to be his wife and what did she get in return? She was told to shrug it off  because these thing happen and she should get over it and move on. A diamond bracelet was the apology but it was all about him, his promotion, his machoisim and his image, nothing about her. He got emasculated as she moved out, but her hurt is immaterial.

How many of us truly are told to ge tower the hurt and move on for children, family , status , or being weak ? But what about the beautiful you, inside who shields her pain every time as that is what is expected from.

I applaud the courage of the director, the vision and thank you for making me realise what it means to be a woman. We can only give love forth, if we love ourselves first.

And, no this not from Rumi or a forward.

Happy woman’s Day !