And The Winner Is …. By Amy Goldberg

Who wins when ….

  • we say one thing and do something differently, or nothing at all.
  • we aren’t aware of our actions and how inconsiderate we’re actually being.
  • we overlook human potential.
  • the whole world revolves around us.
  • we isolate ourselves.

I’m a purveyor of human behaviour. I am fascinated with how we move, think and act in this world. As a curious human being I hope to see consistencies in action and behaviour, and yet I see the opposite. Ironically, these inconsistencies positively enable me to better identify and understand why people are struggling, stuck, and/or disappointed in their lives.

What prevents most of us from walking the talk? I’m recognizing that our bullsh*t meters are off the charts. Moreover, the indicator arrow has flown off!

Theoretically we know that we win when …

  • we are consistent with our word, and our word speaks to our actions.
  • We are kind to one another.
  • we recognize that what we say matters.
  • together we can accomplish much.
  • our heart leads, and our brain creates the plan.

You may not agree with one or more of these statements, and yet, your actions don’t lie. What you tell yourself and others is your truth. Even when it’s not true. It’s a “tell.” Your truth, whatever that is for you, is who you are, and how you present yourself. If what you’re saying doesn’t translate into what you said you’d do, then your words and just that. Words.

I’ve written about this before, and I’m writing about it again so that I can better seek to understand why this is a personality trait. I go back to the notion of laziness, or, wait for it …. dare I use (overuse) the word “entitlement.”  Have we all decided to lower our expectations?

Interestingly, or perhaps naively, I realized things had shifted when I stopped hearing people say; “Excuse me.” Yep. Those two little words changed it for me. When we became less polite, less kind, we also became less of ourselves. Less of who we are.

We WIN when we go back to the small actions that we make on a daily basis. We WIN when we remind ourselves that our words mean something. We WIN when we’re not smoke and mirroring our lives. We WIN when we decide to lead with our truth. To BE our truth. To live our truth. Most importantly to ACTION our truth.

I believe that it takes courage to be oneself. We’re quick to want to fit in. Naturally we want to be welcomed. We join communities, groups or tribes to get connected. I’m here to suggest that you make sure that you get connected with who you are first so that whatever you do, it sits well within your heart and soul.

We need to make ourselves and others accountable for our actions. And, when our words don’t translate into action, we need to have those conversations too.

That’s what winning is all about.