Building Your Perfect Morning (Daily) Routine – WFH Edition ~ Manali Debroy

                                                  Health is Wealth

This proverb never meant more necessary than now. No one was prepared to get into a work from home lifestyle that may prolong not weeks, but months. And I am just not talking about the technicalities of working from home, but the whole lifestyle that changes oneself, while bringing the workspace to home. The outbreak of COVID 19 globally has changed the definition of an everyday lifestyle, bringing the concept of staying at home and working from home as the new ‘normal’ lifestyle. The disruption of our daily activities like going to the gym, commuting for work/school, ten to twelve hours of work-life, etc., brings us to a point where we not only lose track of time but the sanity of our mind as well. Hence, in these times it is important to not lose focus and sanity but plan a holistic morning routine to maintain the peace and calmness of your mind and soul as well as keep the productivity levels of our body as it is and not let laziness and fear overpower you.

Without wasting any more time, let’s dig into the perfect morning routine plan which you can modify per your needs and efficiency. The times when safety and health are the biggest concerns, let’s not fuss over wasting time by sitting at home, but work out a plan that makes this whole experience healthy and productive.


Remember how we used to complain about not getting enough sleep due to commute to workplace, going to the gym, etc. But due to this situation, this seems to be less of a problem as when you are at home full time now – you get enough time to manage everything – including your sleep. Sleeping for a good seven to eight hours gives your body and mind the much-needed rest. This also makes you well energized to get up early in the morning rather than getting up with a sleep-deprived mind. This simple process of sleeping well and getting up early to bathe yourself in the morning sunshine heals your body and mind imbibing positive energy within you.

Some pro tips: Drink a glass of overnight soaked flax seeds water or a glass of lukewarm water with lemon or simply lukewarm water. Hydrating yourself when you get up in the morning is very essential. Sipping on tulsi/brahmi team, ginger tea with lime etc. also helps in build immunity.


Since you are at home and going to the gym seems like a far-fetched option now, make a part of your house as your exercise pad – balcony, living room, bedroom anywhere – although I would prefer balcony as exercising in the early morning sunshine is beneficial for your body and mind to increase your immunity and also keeps your mental health in check. Pranayam, yoga or strength conditioning exercises and even dance fitness helps you keep yourself recharged the whole day. Eat a light snack like an apple, few nuts or a banana at least 45 mins before starting your workout routine.

Few apps / websites that offer free online exercising options which are my favorites are:, many youtube channels (Bipasha Basu workout, Officialthenx, Pamela Reif, Yoga with Adriene, Dance fitness – these are some of my favorites – choose a channel that fits your need), Lauren Gleisberg Instagram channel.


A healthy power-packed breakfast always sets the right mood for the day. Including lot of fruits, fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein fuels up your body for the rest of the day. Whole-grain cereals/waffles are a great way to induce fiber as well as complex carbohydrates that are needed for the body. Lean protein is very much needed after a good workout session hence including eggs, chicken / fish (any lean meat), legumes and nuts recharge your body helping it to revive from the loss of energy. You can club this with low-fat cheese/milk/yogurt, plant-based milk along with some fruits (apples, grapes, oranges) and green veggies.

My breakfast mostly looks like a wholegrain sandwich of chicken ham with two egg white omelet, sautéed green veggies (carrots, beans, sometimes I add mushrooms) and a glass of low-fat milk or sometimes I add one slice of low-fat cheese in my sandwich. I usually eat fruits as my mid-morning snack, but you can combine it in your breakfast. You can follow to checkout some great and healthy breakfast recipes – Download the app and go to live option there, you can checkout recipes from eat(live).



Keeping your WFH timings as your usual office timings is essential, hence set up a space at your home convenient for work and start working as you usual, like you are in office. Having a disciplined work timing schedule is important to plan out your day for other activities and also setting an example to your colleagues as well as children (if you have any at home). Daily chores like cooking, cleaning cannot be sidelined hence sticking to a planned routine is important.


Alrighty! Now that your morning routine looks bright and promising, you should divide your rest of the day to make time for daily chores like cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, arranging your wardrobes, much-needed tea/coffee breaks in between and at the end making time for your family.

Staying safe and healthy is the utmost priority of every individual at this time. Taking good care of yourself is only possible when you follow a routine that boosts your immunity and also keeps you happy inside out. This will help you to take care of your family. Social distancing is the need of the hour, hence video calling (Skype/ Hangout/ Messenger/ etc.) is the definition of socializing now. Keep in touch with your family and friends and discuss with them healthy ways to live life. Helping each other while maintaining a safe social distancing is what humanity calls for now, so that we can emerge stronger to build a safer and healthy society when all this is over.  

Stay safe and stay healthy! Be support to each other.