Classic Paris Brest

Classic Choux Pastry Dough


  • Water – 250g
  • Salt – 5g
  • Sugar – 5g
  • Butter – 80g
  • Flour – 125g
  • Eggs – 200g


Melt in water, the salt, sugar and the butter in small pieces, and bring to boil Remove from the flame, add the sifted flour.
Mix well with a spatula until the mass removes from the sides of the pot Pour into a bowl.
After the eggs have been beaten briefly, add little by little until the dough is smooth and soft Pipe using pastry bag with pastry tip onto a lightly buttered baking sheet.
Egg wash and streak with a fork, or you can spray oil and dust with icing sugar.
Decorate the surface of the choux with chopped hazelnuts.
Freeze the choux puff for at least 3-4hrs to stabilise the dough.
Bake at 170°C/180°C depending on the size of the pieces, vent open.

Pastry Cream Base

Milk – 500g
Eggs – 100g
Granulated Sugar – 100g
Flour – 25g
Cornstarch or Custard Powder – 25g

Paris Brest Cream
Pastry Cream Base – 500g
Butter – 200g
Almonds/Hazelnuts Praline or Nut Butter – 200g


Boil the milk with the scraped vanilla bean
Mix the sugar, eggs and yolks together, well
Add the custard powder and flour, sifted together
Add a little hot milk to this mixture and pour back all into the casserole
Stir continuously, boil for 3 minutes
Remove the pastry cream from the casserole cover with plastic film in contact with the cream – Cool immediately
Alternatively pour the pastry cream into the hazelnut praline and mix to cool down.
once cold at the flavoured pastry cream into a kitchen bowl or round bottom bowl, with an electric beater, add the softened butter and whip together to make praline buttercream. this takes about 5-7mins to mix


Cut the baked paris brest choux into half, pipe with star nozzle no. 12 the paris brest buttercream Garnish with hazelnuts and icing sugar