Content ~ Rehan Khan

Sometimes in life, you have to leave something behind for something unusual for something better. People often come to your path to teach you something or to guide you to a nuisance. Nothing in life leaves no print. Everything happens for a reason and everything gives you a point to live, smile and cheer out loud. Sometimes something very unusual happens to us and we start losing hope but someday when that unusual breaks all your shackles of fear you start exploring a way of life. You start transforming your dreading fear into the milestones that you always achieve. You know, There’s a whole Life for losing the things but it just needs one night to become a winner that everyone praises. Never stop doing what entertains you cause you will excel out of your entertainment only, being a serious laborer will only pressurize you.

You know being cool and calm is only a way of life, being a serious nerd who is rubbing their ass of in worries will make you harsh and will set you off for your desire. Life is a long voyage where your ship may sink, where you may die in between the sea or where you may be a good sailor. And you know a storm is part of the sea but the gentleness of sailor will describe whether life is beautiful or bitter. Everyone is handling their own ship, sailing to an unknown island which may be beautiful in their own way. Someone is exploring uncharted territory and someone is covering that old tradition.

 There’s a beautiful analogy of ship and the world. You know if Ship is you and the ocean water is the worldly matter. What will happen if that ocean water starts entering the ship, gradually ship start sinking, in the same way If you need worries free life you don’t need to fill your heart with all these worldly things. Being in touch with them only will sail you out smoothly as you know how you will be sailing in the ocean, enjoying sunsets and a breakfast, lunch there in the lap of the blue world. Your life will find its way but how you will have peace when you don’t know how to comfort yourself and others around you