Dear Myntra, a probable regular-to-be consumer is baffled ~Kritika Mehta

Myntra decided to change its existing logo because of a complaint stating it was offensive towards women. I saw this notification pop up and a memory of the vibrant logo flashed across my eyes. Frostbite pink, royal orange and curves were all that I could see. Then I went online and googled it, only to find the cute raindrop like shape at the intersecting mid-point of ‘M’ along with the curvy lines that can be the cause of the issue. But why? Is it about this drop-shape depicting a vagina or it is about the curves looking like legs or both? In any case I kept looking at the logo and tried to find the offence in it.        

Now, a person filed a complaint on it so it might have offended someone. I am choosing to call them a person and not raise any questions on their opinion as everyone is entitled to one. I respect and understand that.

But what got me moving is that a company like Myntra did not see it through the eyes of someone like me. What happened to different perspectives? Am I the only woman who is offended by the idea that they decided to take this step? How is any logo that outlines naturally gifted body parts – not just to concentrate only on a woman here – it can be man, woman or an animal, be declared and accepted as offensive? How can a logo that looks like my body part be offensive to me? I tried to shake the idea but it is deeply affecting me as I thought we are in a progressive generation where everyone is talking about being comfortable in their own body and love everything about themselves. But the basic outline of a private part is offensive to our eyes?

I have not been a very regular customer of Myntra as I have never done much shopping online. But recently I have been considering it and Myntra is one of the top names in my mind. But going forward when I’ll see their logo, I’ll think about the relation/reflection this decision is bringing upon me as a consumer. They didn’t stand for me or consumers like me even to say or clarify that if the logo does outline a body part it is nothing to be ashamed or offensive about. Or that their intent was never to hurt anyone’s feelings and it was a coincidence in any resemblance. Or take full on strong point of view, that it was completely planned and designed because they fancied woman’s integral part to represent what they stand for. It is about growth, development, birth, strength, love, care and everything good you can ever think about. How about that? I would have liked any of these responses. From my end, you are free to put in a whole lady figure in a curve and be proud of it. Add a man’s figure on another. It is not offensive; it is bold and beautiful. But they accepted that it is offensive and decided to change it.

The news came as a hit, as now I think, what about all the others brands and products. Undergarments, sanitary pads, lingerie, and more; are they all doomed to choose logos/prints that avoid any body parts? Even the products themselves are offensive then? Because they all relate to body parts?

What are we going to see next? Hiding/not showing/not using body outlines freely to express, feels just like ‘Ghoonghat Pratha’. Not hiding our faces was all about being offensive right? What about free will to speech and ideas? Somehow this change exploits all the rules about being free and acceptance in my mind. For how long will they wrap pads in black polybags and newspapers. Carry on with the walk of shame clung to these wrapped packs. How long before a sign appears in all colors of lights on a hoarding saying explore your sexuality? Will we ever be that free in mind?

Or should I feel ashamed of thinking like that? Demanding openness flowing all ways so that comfort follows.

Myntra, it’s not just a logo you changed. I feel you have sent me a free invisible cloak to hide my body. Better put it on sale.