Deeksha and Vikas pick the best books of 2018

Being a book reviewer by profession, we go through almost hundreds of books in a year. Some end up putting us in wonders while others leave a sense of disappointment. But rare are the books which impact your thinking and take you on a journey you wish never ended. 2018 is about to conclude and we are glad to share that we have been blessed with 5 amazing books. Some might call them life-changing, but actually, they reveal the true colours of life to you.

Here are the top 5 picks from our 2018 reading collection

The Diary On the Fifth Floor By Raisha Lalwani

The book consists of 31 chapters in total each revealing one powerful lesson about human nature. While the language is clear & simple, the book gives you a glimpse of the real meaning of life. The story talks about the psychological aspects of a human in a total 167 pages. It is guaranteed your vision towards life would never be the same after going through this book.

Lost Without Her By Pournima Navani

A soul scratching tale of a father who lost his daughter to rape & sexual abuse. The book points a finger on the sadistic human psychology. A fast-paced thriller from an Author who is also Stephen King fan herself. The climax part of the story gives wings to the Indian Writing Standards and puts this book in a league of all-time greatest crime books in the history of writing.

Lost Without Her by [Pournima Navani]

A Cage Of Desires By Shuchi Singh Kalra

A book describing the mentality of society towards a woman in our country. The protagonist is such an inspiration that anyone can feel the positivity flowing in the air. A strong female centred book which teaches us the importance of self-love before any happiness in our life. From a failed & ignored woman to the most loved author, the book has ingredient for a best seller.

Claudia By Sophia Lorena Benjamin

Just like the beautiful cover the content of this book is really heart pleasing. Set in an earlier time when Goa was still under the rule of Portuguese. A story about love which is beyond the boundaries of cast, country or language. There are moments when you will feel butterflies in your stomach & revisit the best moments from your life. Though the language of the book is not recommended for beginners, you need a strong hold over vocabulary.

My Journey With The Enlightened Masters By Khushwant Singh

A spiritual book which talks about a unique concept called Jaati Smarn (a form of meditation in which you can visit your past life). Author shares about his experiences with Spiritual Masters like Krishna, Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha, Meera & many more. The book challenges every non-believer & might even swing your belief to something you thought never even existed. We personally learned something known as peace from this book.

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