Deepika Padukone Has A New Self-Care Brand – Here Are All The Details

What started as a regular ol’ Thursday quickly turned around with Bollywood star Deepika Padukone announcing the launch of her new self-care brand, 82°E. Last year, the global star revealed that she would launch her self-care line with a skincare focus.
Padukone’s brand, 82°E (pronounced Eighty-Two East), joins a growing list of celebrities-turned-entrepreneurs and promises to offer high-performance products that make self-care a cakewalk.


What is 82°E?

For those who forgot to pay attention during your geography lessons in school, 82°E refers to the meridian that runs longitudinally through India and defines the country’s standard time. The name resonates with Padukone’s journey and her experience as a modern woman taking over the globe while still rooted in India.

While the brand has lots in store, it will be launching a skincare line, to begin with. Backed by science and created by in-house experts, the products shall encapsulate the goodness of an Indian ingredient with a scientific compound into a powerful formula.


Padukone believes in keeping her self-care rituals extremely simple. Speaking about the brand, the actress said, “Wherever I am in the world, practicing simple acts of self-care consistently helps me stay grounded and enables me to feel my most centered. With 82°E, I hope to inspire all to connect with our truest, most authentic selves through consistent and humble self-care practices. The first step in that direction is our range of skincare products that have been rigorously sourced, carefully crafted, and clinically tested so you can build simple, joyful, and effective everyday rituals to care for the health of your skin.”


The initial skincare category launch is set to have a full-blown set of products to perfect your CTM routine, including a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye cream, and sunscreen with other categories to follow soon after and will be available to shop later this month.