Dhruvi Doshi makes waves through her digital wedding invites. Here’s what you need to know

Born in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, Dhruvi Doshi Designs is the brainchild of
Dhruvi Doshi Chitalia, a young entrepreneur with a penchant for design. It is a
Bespoke Design & Print Studio. They strive to provide end to end services, and
become a one stop shop for all their clients.

Within a span of three years, her studio offers a range of intuitive services, ranging
from wedding invitations and day of stationery to custom personal stationery and
packaging solutions. Within this short span of time, Dhruvi has already become a real
tastemaker with an innate understanding of every client’s discerning tastes and
preferences. And this, along with her love for the job, is what makes her business
The brand was started out of pure passion for design & aesthetics. People were
playing it safe, the designs seemed repetitive & there just wasn’t enough colour!
Dhruvi was at the forefront of Digital Invites, since they started gaining attention.
She wanted a fresh take on the traditional designs.
Dhruvi says ‘Our weddings & the bride/groom along with their families have evolved
so why shouldn’t the design sense as well as communication evolve too? Couples
are no longer planning weddings the same way their parents & grandparents did, so
it’s high time we cater to their needs.’