Saloni Srivastava’s Guide to Designing Your Work Desk at Home According to Your Personality Type

I am Saloni Srivastava, a YouTuber and a Content Creator; and I help millennials live a fulfilling life by creating content on career, finance, productivity, self-care and a lot more.

Given the current situation, Work From Home has become a norm. But, for me, this isn’t anything new.  I have been working from home for over 3 years now after I quit my full-time job in the corporate sector and hence, I know a thing or two about setting up your home office to accommodate our quarantine lifestyle changes.

It is always essential that you have a corner to yourself that’s dedicated to your work and productivity. A corner that has your desk, your computer, and all your productivity essentials will drive you to work more than you can imagine!

Therefore, today, I am here to give you some ideas on how you can design your workspace  to make it your productivity oasis according to your specific needs and personality.

Scroll to see some pictures, and prepare to be inspired. 🙂

The Wanderlust Desk:

If you’re a travel lover, this one is for you!

With a large map of the world as your backdrop, you can match all your essential desk accessories to it. Your decor pieces can be small items that you may have acquired from your visits to multiple destinations. All in all, as soon as someone sees this, they’ll know you travel a LOT, and for you, with the whole world in front of you, you’ll feel at home at the most. 🙂

The Bare Essentials, Clutter-Free Desk:

If you prefer to keep your space neat and free of clutter, this kind of a decor may work best for you. You will obviously have your laptop, a source of light, your note-pad, and your phone to keep you company. But, to add an element to this space, you can add a small low-maintenance plant, or face your desk towards your collection of books. It would still remain clutter-free, but will still look super inviting!

White-Lover’s Desk:

If you are a lover of white like me, you’ll love this one! You can get yourself all white base furniture, and you can use small blasts of color to make your space stand out.  A warm lamp, a small plant, a little picture frame can all add little pop of color to break the all-white monotony.

The ‘View from The Window’ Desk:

If you are one of those who can’t function without plenty of natural light, then consider placing your desk in your most well-lit spot. Face your chair towards the window, and keep your desk in close contact with the wall. A bright spot already adds a good element to the decor, you may not need to add a lot of individual decor-items in your space. Just a small plant and lamp would be perfect because the light can help the plant do really well; and the lamp can come in handy during late hours.

The Rustic Girly Desk:

If you prefer your place to be nice and girly, bright and pretty- then this is the one for you. A great decor tip here would be to use your wall for putting up as many pieces of art-work as you like. You can also add small elements with a plant, a basket, a wire mesh board, and possibly a small mirror? 

The Plant Lover’s Desk:

Now if you’re a plant lover, you’re in the home-decor gold spot. You need not do anything else except fill your room with as many different plants as you like, and keep your desk as clean as possible. So, just your computer, a notepad, and your phone would be enough to set you up, and the plants will do the rest of the magic!

The Chic, Girl-Boss Desk:

For the chic decor-lover in you, we have the perfect inspiration. You can go pretty big with decor- especially some accent-pieces like a gold clock or a set of fancy side racks to keep all your things on! You can also go big on paintings, fur, and all things vintage!

The ‘I Work on Two Screens’ Desk:

Now if you’re one of those productivity gurus who has mastered the art of working on 2 different screens in one go, then choosing the right decor can be challenging. First tip is to get a table that’s big enough to accommodate your entire setup. The next tip is to keep the table top clutter free because your 2 screens would already take up too much space. So instead of decorating your table with accents, use the rest of your room as a place where you can add elements like books, a lamp, some posters, etc.

The ‘Minimalism at Its Best’ Desk:

Now if you’re a minimalist, as it is with most of your decisions, your desk decor situation is also going to be really easy. Invest in a small desk, maybe get a small plant, a frame that’s all white, and a chair that works for you. You don’t need anything else to come into your space- you and your laptop can rejoice in peace!

The ‘I Collect Everything’ Desk:

Now that we spoke about the minimalists, we have to talk about the other end too- the maximalists. The people who like to collect everything and find value and joy in making their space feel lived in 🙂

For you, the best thing is that you need not invest in decor pieces. You can use your collection of caps or cameras or pictures to do all the taking. You can also display other things that hold value to you- like plane tickets and post-it notes from long back- and wrap it all together with fairy light to complete the look!

So, I hope that by now you know how you can create a desk according to what works best for you!