Elections & Arya by Ravneet Sangha

Note: If you haven’t watched the latest Avengers or GOT, there are spoilers in the article below.

This has been one of my craziest week, I am one of those nerdiest geekiest mothers who you would come across. Avengers opened to one of the biggest openings in India and so much happened that it has still not sunk in. Then to top it, we had the longest night, the longest dark battle in Winterfell and we all were prepared for everyone dying. And on top of it my two boys flew to their jobs and away. The saving grace was that youngest came back for the summer. Arya, the youngest hero who is from the house of Stark, and the Faceless Men. She uses her skill set to bring those who have wronged her family and gets justice.

I am amazed that how they give her all the power and she translates into being the true hero. All of us kept on thinking the dragons would sway the battle and that Jon would be the true Prince, the Azor Ahai and would fulfil the prophecy. She is a true girl of today’s times, she doesn’t want to confirm becoming a lady as deigned in those times, but she wants to be a fighter and carve her path .and then we have the Avengers where Tony saves all of us. I am still broken over his dying.

It’s like an era has gone. It’s been 21 years since the battle of Hogwarts and it’s amazing how we all can live in the books. Life is just better in books and they are all lessons which we need to incorporate in our lives. India faces its biggest challenge in its electoral battle and we all are still being old on the same spiel that better days will come if we choose A or B. No one is selling anything new, voices are harsh , all are selling the utopian dream trying to tell me that they will deliver better jobs, cleaner water, more houses.The roads are bumpier, more potholes than an acne scarred puberty ridden teenager. They want us to dream over jobs which don’t exist and selling pakoras isn’t going to help. It’s like Cersei who will exercise lust over love and our Indian white wearing holier than thou white kurta pajama will preach till kingdom come but nothing will change . Imagine, we are still crying over clean water, roads development and whose chest is bigger than mine. I know I’m preaching but some days we need an Arya to kill the  Night King.

The Night king we face is the invisible monster of corruption , climate deterioration, soil erosion , and dwindling water table , intolerance among religions . Who benefits , a small minority of politicians who are fooling the 1.3 billion of us and the kings guard is also corrupted. I love you 3000 India but someone needs to come up and come clean the mess that isn’t going away soon. Change is coming but its slow and minuscule and the road to Winterfell is long. The anticlimax is that I cant say in the face of despair ,#nottoday .