Feel Good Friday with Sheetal Mafatlal

Once featured by Time Magazine and labelled as ‘Luxury’s New Lotus’, Sheetal is a career-minded fashionista famed for her own fabulous collections and sense of style.

Born in Bombay to the illustrious Bhagat family (her father created the iconic Nirlon empire), Sheetal was raised with an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for quality and craftsmanship that always guided her tastes. Armed with degrees in finance and law, but not ready to settle for mediocrity, she decided to pursue her passion and to build her own enterprise in the field of fashion.

Sheetal was named “India’s Fashion Retail Pioneer” when her company, Mafatlal Luxury Private, partnered with none other than the acclaimed fashion house, Valentino, and brought the first truly international luxury brand to the subcontinent. It was a first of its kind.

She has been invited to be a guest speaker at many international forums including the prestigious Altagamma Foundation of Italy -The Experience of Excellence of India; a panel discussion on the evolution and trends of consumers along with the likes of Leornardo Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna and Francesco Trapani of Bulgari. Following this the Milan Fashion Global Summit invited Sheetal to deliver a speech on market entry strategies for luxury brands to an audience of fashion industry leaders and global retailers.

Whether it is making boardroom decisions or getting involved creatively, fashion has always been Sheetal’s obsession and bringing haut couture to India was a goal she was determined to achieve. So much so that she even managed to convince Donatella Versace to create the first ever Indian “lengha” garment by the house of Versace especially for her – a bespoke traditional yet modern lengha so opulent that also goes down in history for breaking barriers between eastern and western design collaborations.

Having led her own retail conglomerate and developed ties in the fashion and design industries, Sheetal has also played the role of advisor to many fashion and lifestyle brands looking to enter new markets. By virtue of her experience at the helm of a luxury retail business, but also as a discerning consumer, she has travelled extensively and is knowledgable in regional and international trends and cultural sensitivities too. This unique insight and her coveted network have been sought after by many looking for strategic business alliances and introductions or advice.

With the growth of social media, Sheetal’s personal following has seen her rise to become a prominent social media influencer. This has even led to, in some instances, Sheetal herself being appointed as a brand ambassador or promoter for various fashion and beauty lines.

Established as a style maven and a dominant voice in fashion and luxury, she is regular contributor to leading magazines and guest writer for online media too. This has also led to Sheetal being sought out as a consultant for many seeking beauty, fashion or lifestyle advice and creating her very own niche area of expertise as a “Luxurista”.

Aside all this, Sheetal is an avid art collector and jewellery designer par excellence too. She is often spotted wearing her own unique creations or jaw-dropping commissions, many being works of art in their own right.

When she is taking a break from work, if she is not seen at the front row of a fashion show or walking around the nearest flower garden (another passion of Sheetal’s!), she will most likely be found visiting the nearest galleries or the latest exhibitions, seeking out new inspirations.

What is your plan for the weekend?

The new social norm of zooming & Houseparty… it’s all about virtual celebrations!

What are three things you are most grateful for this Friday?

First & foremost it is gratitude for health. Apart from that an optimistic mindset, a high-speed internet connection & online takeaway of sushi.

What song are you enjoying this week?

To work out: Dua Lipa’s ‘Physical’ gets my day started
To chill out:  The new 007 theme song – ‘No time to Die’ by Billie Eilish

What’s your weekend morning routine?

Every day is a weekend these days, so currently it’s rotating from the chair to the sofa and talking to ‘Siri’. However, in PC (pre-COVID) times the weekend mornings would start with being served breakfast in bed.

What does weekend self-care look like for you?

To elevate my mood with online retail therapy since other self-care activities like massages & beauty regimes are restricted.

What’s your must-have beauty product?

A sunscreen with SPF 100.
Irrespective, whether it’s summer or winter I apply sunscreen on my face daily.

What facemask do you absolutely love?

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess skin clay mask is a no-fuss mask that I apply twice a week. It’s good for hydration & brightening the skin.
But what I prefer to a mask is the Sesderma vitamin C spray that i use several times a day to hydrate my skin.

TV show you are currently enjoying?

I don’t watch tv shows. I read

Are you a Tea or Coffee Person?

Hot chocolate in the morning…
and masala chai in the afternoon

What’s your favourite comfort food?

I don’t believe in comfort food currently as we need to watch what we eat while the gyms are shut. For me, it’s more about refined indulgence – caviar, champagne & chocolate-dipped strawberries.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Sorry but it’s just too guilty to share…!

Your favourite quote?

What Karl Lagerfeld famously once said: ‘Sweatpants are a sign of defeat… You lost control of your life, so you bought sweatpants.’ So appropriate in today’s global pandemic crisis.

What’s your spirit animal?

Lion, as per/ my star sign:
Purrfectlyyyy Leo – fearless, feline & I have a fabulous mane. P.S. Don’t cross me, or I will devour you! Meow!!!

Where are you going on vacation when the pandemic is over?

Anywhere safe that doesn’t require masks & gloves… And definitely nowhere near China!!!

What advice do you have for any kid who looks up to you?

Change the world by being a better version of yourself…