How The Pandemic Could Be Taking A Toll On Your Teeth By Dr Riddhi Katara

We are all doing our best to adjust to the new reality of quarantining until the threat of coronavirus passes. Between job changes, school closures, and health concerns, it is important to remember our oral health during this time. 

Your mouth serves as the first line of defence to the rest of your body. If your mouth isn’t healthy, your entire immune system may struggle to protect you when you need it most. 

Also, The COVID–19  virus has given birth to several other new diseases. One of the rapidly spreading infection post-COVID recoveries is black fungus. Also called Mucormycosis, black fungus is, as the name suggests is a fungal disease that is commonly being observed in patients who were given steroids for a long time, who have been hospitalised for a long time, were on oxygen support or ventilator, poor hospital hygiene or who have been taking medication for other illness such as diabetes.

The COVID medications can leave the body weak and low immunity. 

But by following some simple dental hygiene rules, one can reduce their chances of catching most of the viral and fungal infections including black fungus, according to Dentists.

Don’t Skimp on the Basics

Never underestimate a good brushing and flossing schedule. Stressing on the importance of adhering to a proper oral hygiene routine even while staying home is a must.  It is recommended to include brushing teeth at least two times a day, swishing the mouth with extra virgin coconut oil (oil pulling), and flossing at least once a Day as a part of the daily routine. As for the right mouthwash? Stay away from alcohol-based mouth rinses. They have a tendency to reduce salivary flow, which, according to the expert, may reduce clearance of bacteria and lead to bad breath. When brushing, be kind to your gums, suggesting everyone to use an electric toothbrush. While you’re brushing, think of the motion as a gum massage rather than a vicious scrub.

Drink More Water

For hydrated skin and healthier teeth, It is recommended to drink a ton of water. Increased water consumption is great for both your skin as well as improved oral clearance. Plus, it balances the pH of your mouth and work to clear food and debris from sitting between your teeth. 

If you’re snacking throughout the day at home, this is especially important: When we allow food and sugary drinks to spend a prolonged amount of time on our teeth, that bacteria breaks down tooth enamel, allowing cavities to form more rapidly.” Note to self: hydrate!

Cover Your Toothbrush

Now more than ever, Dentists stress on the importance of not leaving your toothbrush exposed to the air. A toothbrush cover is a great way to protect airborne bacteria from making a home out of your toothbrush. Generally, however, it is recommended to switch out your toothbrush or electric brush head every three months. Many overlook changing out their brush head after recovering from being sick. If you suspect you had COVID-19, change your toothbrush immediately.

Chew Mindfully

Many dental emergencies we are seeing today are the result of painful broken teeth due to eating hard foods. The easiest way to avoid this, naturally, is to skip eating anything that’s difficult to chew or overly crunchy. It is cited that popcorn and gum are “risky” items, but advises everyone to generally slow down eating habits. But if you crack a tooth, contact your dentist to determine what course of action to take.

Give Your Tongue Some Attention, Too

It’s not just your teeth and gums that need care. Your tongue also needs attention to remain healthy. Bacteria and plaque can accumulate on your tongue just as easily as your teeth. This leads to bad breath and other dental health problems. Gently brush your tongue and your teeth for best results at least once a day.

Chill Out

Jaws often bear the brunt of high stress. Some people  grind and clench their teeth at night as a result. This issue can often be corrected with a night guard, however, all of us can be more mindful of our clenching during the day. As a simple rule, it is suggested to keep an easy conscious check  on the resting state of the mouth “Lips together, teeth apart!” Should you suspect grinding, it is recommended to  contact your dentist to prevent damage and try a little stress management on your own.


  1. Electric ToothBrush
  2. Dental floss or even better is Water Flosser/WaterPik
  3. Extra virgin coconut oil mouthwash for Oil Pulling
  4. ToothBrush Cover
  5. If you’re chewing gum. Use a sugar free chewing gum

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