How to make your makeup stand out while wearing a mask?

Love wearing makeup, but hate the fact that you can’t flaunt your A-level skills with a face mask on? We’ve got you covered. Makeup is still very much in, and there is a way to make it stand out even with a face mask on. From upgrading your eye makeup game the right way to picking the right finish for your base, there are many ways to tweak your makeup look to make it stand out even with a face mask on. Here are some of our effective face mask makeup tips that’ll help.

Go for glow, not shine

Even though high-shine and dewy looks are all the rage right now, there is a high chance that the base will smudge and stain your fabric or disposable masks. Your best bet is to opt for a natural glow, which can be achieved by prepping your skin well (read: cleansing, toning and moisturising), and then going in with a CC cream for light coverage. As a final step, lightly dust some loose setting powder only on the areas that tend to get oily, and you’re done.

Feather out the brows

Well-defined brows are not just a pretty sight but also add so much definition to the face. Pluck some stray hair to clean up your arch and groom them by brushing the brows upwards and outwards. You can also use soap to give it a faux laminated look. A good tip is to choose a brow product that is one shade lighter than your natural colour to give it a more natural look.

Go for flutter instead of volume

To balance off the bulky mask that you have to wear all day, opt for fluttery lashes instead of voluminous ones. Thick and voluminous lashes might look overwhelming with a face mask. On the other hand, soft and fluttery lashes will make your eyes pop and look bigger as well.

Plop on some colour on your lids

Makeup is most definitely not cancelled in 2021, and you can still reach for the brighter pigments in your collection. A good tip for the summer is to apply a coloured eyeliner all over your lids and blend it well for a pop of colour on the lids. Make sure to prime your lids before applying eye makeup to make them stay on longer.

Play with graphic designs

Graphic eyeliners will never not be trendy! A fun way to upgrade your makeup look from basic to something more fun is by experimenting with graphic designs that you can easily create. Use a sketch liner for more precision!