I Now Know The Secret Of Success by Amy Goldberg

Oh no, not another “Secret of Success” article. Had too. Felt compelled.

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of posts on; “The Secrets of Success from Billionaires,” “The Top 4 Things Billionaires Do To Be Successful,” “Fail Often: Memoirs Of A Billionaire.” “Billionaires: Let’s Get Raw.” The common theme being: Billionaires.

Apart from the fact that they’re all billionaires, what else are we enamoured by? Do we care if their kind, generous, helpful, philanthropic? I’m not sure. My sense is that we’re attracted to how they made their money. Hence the reason why we gravitate toward, and cling onto the language of: Get Rich Quick. Follow Me and I’ll Show You How I Became Super Rich, etc.

So, what is it that sets us apart from the elusive billionaire’s club? Well, to purely cut-to-the chase, it’s a number of things: It’s our life conditions, circumstances, mindset, creativity, curiosity, tenacity, element of luck (yes, luck), who we hang out with, and our disposition all play into our ability to succeed.

Maybe even, if this is you, the preoccupation with our curiosity of how billionaires become billionaires. It could be the; ‘Why them, not me’ thing. Maybe it’s because we give up way too early on ourselves? We become impatient because we’re not amassing wealth fast enough? That’s probably why lotteries are so popular. And yet, research shows that people don’t fare well after winning a large sum of money in the lottery. So, what it is that we’re missing? I think I now know the secret of success and it’s ….


What? That’s it? Just that? Yes. It always comes back to you. You’re the only one that can make anything happen for yourself. If I gave you a complicated answer, then it just fuels the fire of stagnation. It does nothing to ignite a fire under you to just take action.

I also know how to strengthen your odds of becoming (more) successful. What it’s NOT is giving into: limiting beliefs, a fixed mindset, negative self-talk, and relationships that don’t serve you.

Look, we all come from the same place. It starts in our mind. What we believe to be true for ourselves. This is whether you came from humble beginnings, sadly abusive or tragic conditions, or a privileged upbringing and circumstances. We all have the ability to succeed. Some have a much easier go of it than others. And yet we all have the opportunity to succeed.

Stop looking around at what is perceived to be real. The half-told social media stories, images, lives that OTHERS are leading. Start diving into your own life. The excuses should end here. Today. Right now. This isn’t a pep talk. It’s a reality check letting you know that you have the capacity for so much more. More than you realize. Just don’t lose sight of the fact that you are on your own journey that spells S.U.C.C.E.S.S in your own life. Don’t worry about the billionaires of the world. They have their own problems. Ok, one of them isn’t money.

Start following your energy around what motivates and inspires you. Be relentless. Be kind. Be empathetic. Be bold. And most importantly start trusting yourself. Have the courage and confidence to push away the fear and move past it. You’ve got this.

On a side note, as a pure observation: Have you ever noticed that rarely people, if ever share their hard times while their IN it. They have no problem sharing EVERYTHING once they’ve made it. They’ll share with you their most humiliating experiences and life events as they once struggled. Look, I get it. This is their way of connecting with the rest of us. What they’re saying is: “If I can do it you can too.” I just find the whole thing to be fascinating.

Be Bold. Be You.