Improve Engagement on Instagram

Creating Instagram posts on Social Media is a great way to engage an audience and to grow your brand. Here are our tips to Improve Engagement on Instagram

1.  Splendid Photos: Always use splendid photos on your Instagram account. If you have the latest phone, they usually come with Portrait Mode allowing you to take stunning photos to use on Social Media. Instagram is built around aesthetically pleasing imagery. Creating good images can improve Engagement on Instagram

2. Hashtags: Chances are that everyone is using the popular Hashtags on Instagram. As a result, they have become quite saturated. A great way to generate Hashtags is using a Tool like SeekMetrics

3. Schedule and Plan: Schedule and Plan is our favourite tip, let’s face it posting can become a stressful exercise. But you can make it easy by using a software like Grum to really get your Instagram calendar in topnotch shape and schedule your posts.

4. Participate in Stories: Add behind the scenes stories and also don’t forget to harness the power of hashtags here. Stories broaden the reach of your content for a 24-hour window.

5. Engage with Others: Please leave genuine comments, collaborate with others and engage with others. We at The Post believe alone you can do so little, together you can do so much more. 

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