5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

A personal brand is important if you work for yourself or your business relies on interactions with other fellow human beings. A personal brand is even more significant if you are an entrepreneur seeking investment, a person looking for a job or you work in a service based business.

People do business with people which is why our steps to build your Personal Brand can help you take your career to the next level.

  1. Linkedin Profile: Create a stunning LinkedIn profile with a professional photo and a suitably filled out career and education history. Where possible include examples of your work and don’t forget to add interests and causes that are close to your heart. This helps people understand you on a more personal level.
  2. Recommendations: A great way for people to understand your value is through recommendations, ensure you ask relevant people from your career to complete a recommendation for you. It helps strengthen how good you are at what you do to future customers and collaborators.
  3. Create a Personal Website/Blog: Start a website or a blog about something that is close to your heart. If cooking interests you start a blog about cooking; if you are passionate about marketing start a blog about marketing and collaborate with others. A blog or a website is a great way to show people your work.
  4. Podcast/Youtube:  If you like to speak or video ensure you share knowledge on your subject of interest in a podcast or on youtube. Starting a podcast is quite simple on Apple. Ensure you are authentic and add value. Don’t imitate others and always be unique.
  5. Guest Blog/Speak: If people ask you to blog or speak for them, take them up on this offer. This way you get to broaden the reach your content to a broader audience. Offer to speak or guest blog in your relevant industry

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