In conversation with Ayessha Wadiwala – Founder of Glowcamp

Ayessha Wadiwala is a seasoned makeup artist and a transformational coach .With over a decade of experience , she has helped celebrities and hundreds of brides look and feel great on their special day. Her mission is to reveal the sparkle and the inner glow in everyone .Through her new coaching program, “Beautiful Inside Out” , she wants to empower women to be the best version of themselves.

Skin Care products you swear by in summers? 

The skin care products I swear by in summers are :-

1. Avene cleanance soap free gel cleanser and toner to keep the skin squeaky clean  during summers and remove dirt and impurities 

2. Eclat  niacinamide serum to control oil and 

3. Eclat vitamin c serum to nourish and keep it bright and radiant without making it oily

What beauty trend did you think was craziest and bizarre last season?

The fishtail brows that was started by Huda beauty was quite crazy and became quite a trend.

Also the wave brow trend That was started by the Dutch Make Up Artist Rebecca went viral  and I found that quite bizarre and crazy

3 makeup products you don’t leave you house without? 

My kohl pencil by Inglot, my make up forever HD compact and  Avene thermal water mist to keep my skin hydrated as well as my make up intact and looking fresh.

Do you remember the first makeup product you bought? 

The first makeup product I ever bought was the L’Oreal Kajal pencil and a L’Oreal mascara back in my junior college days

How did you learn about makeup?

Make up is something that comes naturally to me And I’ve been doing it for as long as I remember right from my childhood days. As a kid I used to do make up for my Barbie dolls and I started putting winged eyeliner on myself when I was just nine years old with my moms  lakme liquid liner.

Inspiration behind the name Glow Camp? 

I believe that beauty cannot just be external. It’s a combination of your inner well-being ,how well you take care of your body and your skin , your diet and how well you groom yourself externally .So for you to truly glow inside out,  we educate you to take care of all these aspects. Hence  the word Glowcamp.

What is your ‘everyday’ makeup?

On a daily Basis I take care of my skin with the right serums and sunscreen and just enhance it with very little makeup. So my everyday makeup is just a Bobby Brown BB cream, Lanka mascara and a good lipstick depending on my mood

What product you find yourself buying most?

I am obsessed with makeup removers. I am keep trying everything new that comes in the market . I feel make up removal is a very very important aspect of skin health and I am always buying loads of them

Whom do you look up to for beauty inspiration?  

I really look up to Hollywood make-up artist Sam fine as his philosophy of Makeup resonates with mine. 

I also look up to Jennifer Lopez for the way she carries her bronzed skin  and does her make up. She is also starting her own beauty brand call Jlo beauty and its all about celebrating your inner glow and being comfortable in your skin . I wish to start mine someday..

This or That:

Pencil or Liquid Eyeliner -pencil

Pizza or Ice Cream – ice cream

High-end or Drugstore -drugstore

Lipstick or Lipgloss -lipstick

Salty or Sweet-sweet