‘India inspires me the most’: Raveena Tandon Interview by Rameshinder Singh Sandhu

Noted Bollywood actor and travel enthusiast Raveena Tandon, may have travelled to various pockets of the world through film shootings and personal trips. But, out of all the travel experiences, she picks India as her favourite, calling it as a country that inspires her the most. She unfolds why and makes us comb through many of her travel experiences. Excerpts from the interview:

Travelling may be on hold now, but what really excites you about travelling in India?

Honestly, I feel travelling in India is the best experience ever. It’s the country that inspires me the maximum, because of our rich heritage, our culture which is unmatched in the whole world. Most of us end up heading to the touristy places in India but it is a country which truly has the most hidden treasures and wonders, waiting to be discovered. Imagine ancient ruins or well-kept heritage sites like Hampi which simply takes you back to different civilizations and times.  I  also feel that it’s a blessed land with so much of variety, be it languages, religions, food, dress, customs and so much more.

Considering your love for India, what will be your advice to those who usually prefer to pack their bags for Europe and other places abroad?

Travelling anywhere surely broadens the mind, but if we also explore our own country and get introduced to its secret treasures, it will be more exciting and once abroad we can play a much better role as Indian ambassadors, especially while answering questions on India. Certainly, there are always locals and tourists around, who love asking about each others’ country of origin. Most importantly, Indian discoveries will make us realise how unique our country is.

You must buy souvenirs, wherever your travels take you?

Being an art and beach lover, my souvenirs mostly come from gift shops around beaches–mostly works of local artists. Even looking at them refreshes my travel memories. Interestingly, from beaches, I often also pick seashells and ardently keep collecting them at home

During air journeys: window or an aisle seat

Of course, the lovely window seat for the many stunning views. They alone have weaved many exciting memories for me. When the flight is long, I love listening to music or watching movies.

What is your preferred airport look comprised of?

For me, it’s always about keeping comfortable yet stylish when travelling. I love my breezy dhoti style pants or skirts which I pair with a nice top and jacket. Other times, I also prefer the classic way with a pair of denims with a shirt or top.

Do you love solo trips?

Absolutely! I have gone on many solo trips where my focus is on nature –usually forests where my only company is my camera. My mind beautifully holds many scenes of wildlife that unfolded before me. And the silence there silence always offers a perfect space to reflect on life’s journey. There is also so much learning. Which is why, when I return from such trips, I feel so rejuvenated, calm and even a fresher mindset. All thanks to nature as it not only soothes our mind but also heals us.

Do you indulge in daring adventures too?

Yes, I do. I ensure my trips are packed with them. I have mostly done all such as sky diving, dune bashing, deep sea diving and a lot more that not only makes you more courageous but also fills you with rare experiences. One of the memorable ones has to be deep sea diving to explore a shipwreck with my husband (Anil Thandani) in Mauritius.

What you really miss when abroad or away from home?

Well, there’s definitely nothing like home. I really miss my family, especially kids. Apart from that, it has to be home-cooked food because there’s nothing like ghar ka khana.  Now with the lockdown on, home is giving a great company. My family and I love being on our terrace every day.

Your packing mantra is…

Always have a very light suitcase; taking unnecessary things can be stressful. And one can always shop locally too if any need be.

And, as many of your popular dance numbers from your movies have been shot abroad, which song’s shooting excite

It has to be Kisi disco mein jaaye with Govinda. We had a blast shooting this song in beautiful Mauritius and it was a big hit.