Nurturing Your Emotional Health- A Daily Practice With These 5 R’s

By Nivetha Raj; Psychologist & Emotional Intelligence Coach

For over a year, increased focus has shifted into health, immunity and well-being owing to the standstill that the pandemic has brought us all into. Since then, individuals and families have increased their awareness and action into health and immunity. This also includes the need for emotional health and well-being which is a key part of overall existence. 

Generally speaking, immunity is a function which emphasizes on protecting us from and helping us fight against toxins to the body. That’s the reason, medical experts emphasize on ways to boost immunity to cope up with any virus. However, the need for emotional immunity is just as important. Building our emotional immunity helps by protecting us from and fighting against the toxins to the mind. Commonly seen toxins to our mind include anxiety, worry, fear, stress, unpleasant emotions, negative thinking and unresolved feelings. This goes on to affect our thoughts, feelings and behavior. Building one’s emotional immunity/health should be given as much importance as boosting one’s physical immunity. Here are some simple ways to help incorporate this practice in daily life. 


Human minds are constantly at work, filled with tasks and thoughts. The idea of busyness is a leading cause for stress which leads to emotional exhaustion. Similar to how a computer overheats when multiple operations are on, the human mind collapses when it’s constantly on the go and that affects quality of life. Practice relaxation through prayer, adequate sleep, meditation, music, time with nature or any form of relaxation that soothes and renews you. 


Life isn’t a race, it’s a journey that’s meant to be experienced and enjoyed. Apart from staying committed to work, achieving goals and building a dream, taking time out to engage in rejuvenating experiences is important to a satisfying and meaningful life. It also helps to counterattack unhealthy feelings. Learn to engage in activities that make you feel positive, motivated and a lot like yourself. These could be extracurricular activities, hobbies, side-hustles, ‘me’ time moments, etc. 


How one manages time defines their life. Finding it hard to manage time, will lead to chaos in every aspect of life. Discipline yourself to organize your priorities. Outline tasks and thoughts on a weekly/daily basis. Learn to create a time for everything and ensure everything happens in its time. When you are organized, you have better control over things around you.  On the contrary, being disorganized directly leads to increased distress. 


Relationships are integral to human existence and have a huge impact over one’s emotional health. Relationships provide us with love, safety, security and a sense of belonging which is why they are to be nurtured and sustained. Look for constant ways to stay connected with others, practice empathy, value others and engage in conversations. Having an inner circle whom you can count is key to positive mental health. 


The nature of life requires us to constantly change and evolve.  During such times, individuals need to be open to adapt and reinvent in order to move forward. Choosing to remain in one’s comfort zone hampers and derails one’s growth. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. Keep evolving by looking for new ways to do things, create goals, develop habits, rekindle hobbies, learn a new skill. This helps build confidence and resilience, two things that strengthen your state of mind.  

When you incorporate these practices into daily life, you build your emotional immunity thereby promoting positive emotional health. You learn to be clear- minded, calm, productive, assertive, empathetic and positive. You are better equipped to handle threats and toxins that come your way.  This helps to counterattack negative thinking, anxiety, worry, fear, stress, unpleasant thoughts and suppressed emotions. Remember to fuel your emotional health every day, it doesn’t build on its own!