Indians & Voice of Mass Media ~ Nabiha Fatima

The history starts unfolding when there is a need to know the cause of a disease in order to get to the point where the entire problem placed its roots exactly.

There is no heed paid to the sick until and unless the sickness starts using its finesse at a great hike.

The problem here in this country is the change of mindset being governed by the anonymous people who are driving the car rashly on the road of media throwing its passengers recklessly out of it. In other words, the framework of minds of the people of India is under an anonymous force that the internet of course is adding fuel to the fire already that has been up there since the eighteenth century when the mass media started its concept in the nation.

No offence is there for this new technology and development but there must be some kind of boundaries that should be treated correctly in the brains especially of the youth.

It has been observed that mass media is a great platform for spreading your word. That’s how internet sensations are making use of the monetization option available on different sites by creating a meme of them showing illogical activities and tagging and using hash tags #ForEntertainment and secretly #ForMoneyAndTwoDaysFame.

Apart from this, there is also an authentic positive force still left over there where people are finding ways to discover their real

selves by applying what motivational writers and speakers are delivering and constantly making awareness of how to be away from junk media. However, this message is left seen like those of customer care but some of them are being highlighted in the minds when they are written with last day for your service pack, kindly recharge otherwise the services will stop.

It should also be noted that people are getting aware of many new medical problems with the help of this huge platform but the fact is subsequently ignored that when one or two symptoms arises in the body of a person then that person who has installed a great list of movies, shows, web series and all in the mind starts using the search engine for finding out which cancer or tumour is there in the body which is actually not present. Instead of taking medical help at hospitals, people are trusting sites which show normal bloating symptoms as amplified to stomach cancer.

Mental health is like the cardamom when it comes in the bite of an Indian biryani and that too the last one. In other words, people do not pay attention to mental health until and unless it starts bothering in the end after consistent ignorance to it. It is an essential issue which really needs attention yet people go on consuming until it starts poking them.

There is a significant rise in the suicide rates of youth and it hit its acceleration when the release of such movies and web series takes place in which the protagonists commit suicides. In 2016, the Indian suicide rates were alone competing with the average global suicide rates as per the research published by 2016

Global Burden of Diseases Injuries and Risk Factors (GBD 2016).

The real issues like of environment, poverty, unemployment, corruption, health, etc. are like the forgotten pile of course books which a casual child opens only during the time of examination. These are neglected and majority of channels and platforms highlight issues like why did the celebrity choose this look during a random ceremony or how this machine which is actually nothing but a cycle paddle been fixed at a place will help to lose your weight or how to know what you actually need (which actually promotes their paid promotions and sponsors) and many more.

The major climax comes when the Indian television serials show a very saturated picture of almost everything from a simple drum roll (being treated as dhum tada tada tada dhena dhena) to a resurrection of a human! The most illogical thing which is present in these shows are the time lapses like five years gap then ten then eight then another five and so on like this pattern goes on until the end of the show which should show a very advance future in these but still goes on with the realistic calendar.

All these mass media platforms can be used as a great medium to spread authentic and relevant information but there is a very small percentage for these kinds of talks available because of the over-amplified lifestyle this is portraying and affecting negatively over the minds of the people. This is giving rise to various more issues that can be treated easily by using common sense but due to this over-saturation has become complicated.

If one can bear all these dramas, movies, etc. it is good but if cannot then avoid all these as much as you can because there is irrelevant, unnecessary and false information out which can be treated as truth which may lead to catastrophic consequences.