7 Things to be Mindful of when Travelling Abroad ~ Harleen Kaur

The present era has made a lot many intriguing changes on us as an individual, nowadays spirituality has been replaced with soul searching, curiosity has led to enthralling books and theories. With all this happening around the globe.

Travelling has always been the one thing which we humans wholly enjoy, but with travelling to a different place comes some restrictions too.

We know youʼre TRAVELLING!!

Yes, we realize you are travelling with your loved ones! We know that you will take your flight from some Airport in India and then land upon a place where you planned your trip to so thereʼs absolutely no need to put check-ins within every 20 minutes as unapologetically my newsfeed is filled with your check-ins and check-outs. Enjoy your trip rather than posting all the time.

”Cleanliness is next to godliness”

We have heard it numerous times but we (Indians) fail to address it. To be a more responsible civilian, the first thing which is expected from you is the habit of disposing things at their required places.

Stealing is no fun, I tell you!

Yes, stealing could be one thing that can lead you to some serious problems as well as itʼs, not a very fancy thing. If you can afford to travel abroad, you can have the money for those items too that youʼve stole from the hotel or resort you stayed in. Trust me INTEGRITY is everything.

Veneration is the best courtesy

We often fail to understand the dignity and prestige of other religions and culture as we all speculate that our culture is the most superior one, but always try to understand other religious practices and cultural traditions to broaden your perspective and experience some unique things too.

Stop bargaining!

Bargaining is Indians favourite thing to do, but bargaining overseas could turn out to be a quarrel or an argument. There are considerably many stores available, you can always check them out when needed.

Donʼt be too Loud! (Everyone can hear you)

Being loud at a foreign place could be considered as a very unmannerly thing so we should always be thoughtful before saying anything out loud.

Not a trial and food method!

I know the drill we have all this huge curiosity to try those dishes which seem just weird, new, out of this world! But my friend doe not judge the food by its name. Stay true to your basic or ask the people around you for good restaurants and their specialities.

Travelling could be fun and pleasurable if you keep your attention on such teeny tiny details and do not forget to remember that

“Journey is more beautiful than the destination”.

Harleen Kaur