Interview: The Entrepreneurs bringing Mass Fidelity to India

Mass Fidelity is a Canadian Technology start-up formed by audiophiles, designers and engineers to liberate modern audio through technology. It designs devices that adapt to and empower the changing ways in which listeners want to access and play music. Every decision they make is with three tenets in mind: functional design, revolutionary sound and freedom for the listener.

We interviewed the entrepreneurs bring Mass Fidelity to the Indian Market: Mr Angad Anand and Mr Roy

What is your vision for Mass Fidelity in India?

According to Mr Angad Anand, “the Indian audio market is maturing and people have started understanding and valuing good sound. In a crowded space of wireless speakers, there’s no speaker available that renders stereo sound from one palm-sized box. To get a good stereo sound, you would typically require Left and Right speakers, amplifier, wires etc. We are eyeing to position it as a wireless speaker that one would buy to enjoy the proper stereo sound from one tiny box; a product that didn’t exist in the Indian audio market.”

To this, Mr Roy adds “having seen and getting to see some new brand of speakers being launched across length and breadth of India with more or less common specifications, the listener is fatigued and confused as to which box is just good for him/her.

Mass fidelity with its ‘Core’ just addresses this flux, owing to its unique holographic algorithm. “

What’s the best advice ever received?

“Before my very first work day, my dad taught me the importance of being planned. It could be as small as planning your day at work with your deliverables, a big project spread over months or it’s even applied to personal things like an upcoming holiday. Today, so many years after, I feel it was something basic yet that conversation has stuck with me and helped me in so many ways like meeting timelines, doing lot more out of the limited time etc,” says Mr Angad Anand.

What’s the one thing you have learnt about targetting to the Indian market?

In the Indian market, a purchase is rarely JUST an individual decision. Majority of the times, it is influenced by suggestions/recommendations from their near and dear ones (friends, parents, wife, colleagues, boss etc).

Other than this, we think that while your product or solution could be the best on the market, yet be ready with the pricing policy that entertains negotiation at every point.

Favourite Book & Podcast if he has one

‘How to win Friends and influence people’  by Dale Carnegie is precisely Mr Roy’s favourite book.

While Mr Anand reverts “I am more into following Vloggers and channels on youtube. And I also enjoy watching documentaries every now and then.”

What the biggest challenge he faces as an entrepreneur?

According to Mr Roy, it’s employable manpower within budget.

While Mr Angad has a different view over here. He says “It depends from time to time; it’s hard to pick any specific one. I personally feel being an entrepreneur teaches you the art of dealing with all the challenges that keep coming your way. “

Favourite Quote

“Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself” – Leonardo DiCaprio (For Mr Angad)

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein (For Mr Roy)

Which other entrepreneur is he inspired by

Jeff Bezos & Mr Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder of One97 communications (Paytm).

What do you think it takes to succeed in business

“Clear vision, patience & resilience,” says Mr Roy. 

To this, Mr Angad adds, “be honest to your work, give your best every day, be confident about what you do and lead by example.”

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