Introducing Alt Co, India’s first most unique plant based derivative food brand.

The rising awareness about animal cruelty and injustice is finding more and more voices in the society. It is acting as a wake-up call for people, making them grow conscious of their diets and switch to animal-friendly, non-dairy alternative meals. With consumers educating themselves to have a specific diet, it is still challenging for them to find a decent eatery or a cafe that they can visit regularly. But worry no more as Alt Co. is here to cater to diverse palates without compromising their lifestyle and principles. A paradise for health lovers, Alt Co. is a sustainable plant-based alternative brand that made its debut in 2021, Launched with an intent to preserve quality and taste, the brand is gearing up and making its space in the market.

Alt Co. stands for offering alternative lifestyle options, reflecting how we can opt to be more thoughtful about our food choices and substitute our dairy products with guiltless and healthy options. The brand gives sustainable food lovers a chance to experience the plant-based alternatives such as oat milk, yoghurts, Ice creams etc. Being compassionate and benign by being conscious of our daily life, we can bring a significant shift in the world while shielding the lives of innocent animals and eliminating cruelty against them. Alt Co. makes an effort to make easy, affordable, and healthy choices by producing high-quality, plant-based dairy so that it can help the planet, without compromising on taste. The brand is led by the millennials and a community that serves as a combination of new consumers coming into this category. The plant-based alternative space uses psychographics as well as demographics.

Alt Co. encourages consistent evolution of the world and supports the idea of people switching to alternatives – ones that are healthier and sustainable. The brand is an alt-dairy brand procuring first-rate oat grain and packaging which will reach to the consumer, and then back to the earth. It believes in setting and respecting boundaries, especially in food choices. The brand does not compromise when it comes to quality and orchestrates the changes consumers have been wanting to make.

Instilling small gestures in its work policy such as topping up your morning coffee, livening up your cereal, or brightening up your mood with an ice-cream, Alt Co. intends to make each day for consumers better.

About the Founders

Basan Patil, a zealous professional and a strategic leader, is the Co-founder of Alt Co. A serial entrepreneur passionate about plant-based products launched this company with his other three partners in 2021. He has proven his mettle in the industry as a businessman who always wanted to engage and transform the local economies from traditional to contemporary practices. His brand is a sustainable plant-based alternative brand, and is a result of the Founders’ relentless efforts to offer cruelty-free meals that can satiate the consumers’ craving the green way.

Rithwik Ramesh, the Co-founder of Alt Co., is known to handle the managerial and financial operations of the brand. He also serves as the Head of Strategy and Planning at Rithwik Projects Pvt.Ltd, one of India’s leading infrastructure development and Management Company. He is an economic and finance graduate from Drexel University and has made a rapport in the field with his extensive experience in the field of finance. Rithwik plays a salient role in the strategic usage of the funds and budgeting of the company.