In conversation with Meera Bhandari, India’s Leading Celebrity Hair and Make Up Artist

Beauty is a canvas that a makeup artist recognises and enriches magnificently. The proficiency in doing so is unique and exclusive, as each canvas forges contrasting textures, fine lines, and beauty. A love story between a makeup artist and a canvas called skin is undeniable. Affirming this relationship, a luxury makeup artist and product consultant, forayed into the makeup universe after answering her passionate calling toward it. Immersed in the aesthetic of subtle makeup, Meera Bhandari smears her skilfull art of enchantment in India as well as internationally. In conversation with us, the leading celebrity hair and make up artist tells us…

Where do you get your best ideas?

When it’s come to makeup , creativity comes from practice from every makeup I do I get to learn something, a new vision is been created. Then obviously the other source of ideas is through fashion shows, movies and other people artistry. 

First thing you do as soon as you wake up?

I drink 2 glass of luke warm water and sit with my family for 10 mins.

What do you hope to see happen in the near future for budding make up artists?

I hope to see people respect our profession more and also respect every makeup artists value and pay us for our work and experience. With most of a makeup artists we face issues with delay payments, last minute negotiations. We deserve to paid for our artistry. And a lot of time the prices are been compared with other artists. Every artist has its own experience and exposure, so we should be respected individually.

What was your biggest stroke of luck since you’ve started?  

I don’t believe in luck, if you work hard everyday, you will achieve what you want.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Stay consistent! Keep doing a lot of makeup shoots, create makeup looks on your friends and stay active of social medias, and be punctual towards your work, reach on time and understand your client needs.

Best boss you had and what did you learn from them?

I have always worked for myself, but I have learned from my experiences how to remain calm at every situation and have loyalty towards your goal.

One thing you learned about your self?

Im evolving every year, every year I’am growing as an individual, accepting facts and thinking wisely. Observing individuals and learning something new on this payh.

How do you keep your team motivated & engaged?

By giving feedback after every work and rewarding them individually by giving better opportunities at work.

How do you maintain work/life balance?

Life is my mom, and work is my father, both goes hand in hand.

A childhood memory that shaped something you do in your profession today?

I still remember I used to doll up all my classmates during Annual day and Sports Day and I used to use my mom’s makeup on myself, always been a makeup person!

Rapid fire Round


Ginger tea any day !

Favourite make up brand? 

Currently obsessing over Charlotte Tilbury 

Favourite app? 

Health to my see my steps everyday 

A celebrity you’d like to do make up for? 

Deepika Padukone

A brand that you’d want to work with?

Always for my brand – Meera Bhandari Makeovers