Is there anything that can win over self respect? Dr. Vasudha Kumari

Yesterday I had raised a rather simple yet debatable question. Which is the thing/situation that can win over self-respect?

It’s inevitably true that love wins over self-respect. Be it self-love, or for your family or that someone special. But then again, it is carried along with the burden of sentiments, kindness, responsibilities, success, dedication, redemption and what not. I’m certainly not anyone to prove you all right or wrong for how you think about it, still after reading everyone’s point of view, I simply want to remind you something. See the emotional instability in here, human psychology is so complex that ironically the topic of self-respect, mind the word “self” is so arguable. Are we afraid when we have to think only about our self? The undeniable fact is that in the end, everything connects.

1.     We start with loving someone, then getting hurt followed by unloving and sooner or later learning how to love ourselves in the process. The realisation of self-worth.
2.      Sentiments rule our heart and mind both, while family values successfully give us responsibilities which we may or may not have asked for. Does selflessness help you with any satisfaction?
3.      Have you ever given it a thought, that there is some hidden ego behind self-respect? It comes out only when we take impulsive decisions or say after those hormonal surges. With kindness overruling, many hearts can be won, giving us that immense amount of happiness.
4.      Oh Yes! Happiness is surely key to solace. So, the moment we aren’t honest and convince ourselves with a certain lie or avoid the practicality of life, self-respect has failed already.
5.      For some, the ladder of success only consists of dedication and hard work but they forget the bouts of greediness. One cannot accomplish something big in life if there is no greed to achieve it. So unintentionally, selfishness will win here over any type of respect.
6.      Let’s say everything written above is a load of crap and I say nothing can win over self-respect. Why? Well because it’s all about that moment in which we realise our worth.

So, there’s no final right or wrong answer to this. We all make mistakes! It’s true. But going back in time you’d see; it didn’t feel wrong then. You go with your gut instinct every time as in that moment it feels so right.

Thus, even the topic of “SELF RESPECT” is so debatable!

Ending with my personal favourite and satisfying note- “Sometimes even that temporary peace we find ourselves in is worthier than the one we seek forever”.