Judgements ~ Suchismita Ghoshal

I see people are busy, too busy to connect with, even if they are not, they have a good tactic to pretend. They pretend quite often, even regularly. Blindness was never in my vein, I could never be blind seeing something that was wrong in my perception. I have always raised my voice, even when nobody stands out. I try to read the inner screams that wants to divulge out but never got the chance to do so. Still, I fear of those chauvinists who always come correcting you riding over your head.

I have experienced people judge each other so easily in under a min. I have learnt since childhood not to judge anyone, even if someone hasn’t acquired a perfect skin, perfect skin colour, perfect facial features , a perfect figure or a perfect academic career or something which ends up being an imperfect life.

Inhumane remarks are increasing day by day, people fighting for an illusion named “perfection” , if you don’t have it, you will definitely have to face some unnecessary repercussions in the form of judgement.

For example, we all have a perfect amount of money we wish to earn, but does money buy happiness? Maybe, it buys you what you require to decorate your comfort, cherish your desires, fulfil your lavishness & somehow sprinkle colours on your life ; but does it comfort your mind, gives you peace or satisfy your soul? No! Many of you will nod your head with me agreeing after reading this, but you will again forget when it comes to apply this to your life.

I see people pushing persons with less money, small jobs, mediocre lifestyle and completely forget about the humanity they boast about on social media. It’s too easy to comment in a post providing a roadside dweller starving for scarcity of food , and show fake empathy; but what do they do in real life?Most of us just don’t give a damn care when a beggar crawls in front of us for bread, maybe sometimes some of us throw money before them.

We fail to judge,
we, the society, fails to understand,
we fail to feel the pain they suffer,
Yes, we do.

I see people bully or pass remarks, laugh out or insult someone who doesn’t have a slim and trim figure or some curves , or even someone too skinny , also receive some trash back. Really? Is it how we call ourselves human?

Judgement, judgement & judgements!

We are living in an era where we have forgot the facts of a healthy mentality and a healthy life. We are too engrossed to only judge & have a book of several unnecessary gossip about others’ life. We never do any shame or keep any limit while poking our nose in someone else’s life. We have forgot that privacy has its own beauty & should be maintained.

I feel scornful when I see an enormous sea of jealousy between every single soul out there and completely feel self-destructive how everyone is busy in the rat-race of overtaking others faster and earlier.

In this plastic world, we face the extinction of our innocent souls, our beautiful minds and our tender hearts. Judgements can be shaped positively and cheerfully, rather than put on the costume of harmfulness.